Twitter Hires Marketing Pimp to Snitch on #BlackTwitter Conversation

You know, as a Black person, I think we all share a collective point of view about what is and is not necessarily an opportunity. This is especially true when it comes to business and white folks interest in what the Kneegrows are up to. Historically, Blacks have witnessed White culture come in like a vulture to pick and consume the useful parts of the Black experience, be it intellectual property, music, art, and even the very backs of Blacks folks themselves, as free laborers.

Lawd, help you if you find yourself being Black and doing something entertaining…..

black-twitter-tweeting (1)When it comes to White folk, you can be sure that ‘something entertaining’ will be adapted, hijacked, taken, stolen and then re-packaged and given back to the world as a brand new unique ‘must have’ thing to be had by all who can afford, leaving the content creators high and dry. This isn’t something specific to Blacks and Whites in general, rather, the ruling power class always has the resources and insight to take something popular and monetize it.

Welcome to the Matrix, the digital age we live in now makes it possible to observe our collective conversations, opinions and thoughts.

And apparently someone, somewhere cares.

Black Twitter is now the thing of interest which can be studied, evaluated, and broken down into bite size morsels and Twitter (not Black Twitter) has just hired a marketing guru (learn more about them from here) to weld the magnifying glass at our direction.

Twitter is looking for ways to make a big buck off of its racially-diverse user base.


According to reports, the social network recently hired a marketing guru to study its demographics, including the online cultural and entertainment force we know as Black Twitter.


Marketing veteran Nuria Santamaria, who joined the Twitter family as a multicultural strategist in November, said “advertisers want to know more about racial and ethnic minorities on Twitter, from basic numbers to the languages in which they tweet.”

Since Blacks tweet more than the average person, and much of the conversation found online is honest, punchy and reactionary, the eyes that be are hoping to find insight into what Black Twitter thinks about everything from politics, to foodware.

black-twitter-blacktwitter (1)My question is, will this lead to more advertisements aimed at swaying the buying power of urban African-American’s, Latinos, and Asian Americans, or will this information actually be used to determine the needs and desires of a long overlooked demographic?

I’m not gonna hold my breath for the latter, but it sounded nice to say.

Should we look forward to more neck rolling, finger popping tweets from advertisers attempting to ‘speak our language’?

Or will I have to sit through another cheesy broken Spang-lish commercial selling low fee cable with phone plans that include international call rates?

Will Twitter sell our secrets to the non-Twitter universe? Is this considered snitching….?

These questions and many more will be answered in 140 characters or less.

What say you? Is social media becoming just another place to run from the prying eyes of advertisers?

Might this actually be the opportunity to do the work necessary to clean up all thats wrong in America based off the opinion of people who may or may not be the race their avatar represents?

Will Black Twitter do some slick shit like those students who answered falsely in that landmark study on sexuality and skew the results ‘cus they play too much?

Who knows….

Now that I’m thinking about it #FAIL seems the appropriate response with #FML as a close second.

What do you think about Twitter hiring a marketing person specifically for us, y’all, and them? Should Black Twitter be ‘scurred?


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