Gun Vionlence in America : Here to Stay

It has become pointless to talk about how we can change our violent nature in this country. There was a school shooting every day this past week and there have been at least seven school shootings in the first fourteen school days so far this year. That is a shooting every other day.

The numbers are staggering, depressing and now just simply a fact of life in the Unites States of America. There is no end in sight. None. Smart, caring people in the MSM such as Piers Morgan consistently talk about what we need to do as a country to stop the violence. Morgan, who is British, is often derided by low brow, low life, uneducated Americans who tell him to “go back to England.” The same way their ignorant fathers told people who were against Vietnam to “love it or leave it” in regards to living in this country. These people are scum but Morgan, to his credit actually interviews some of them. At first I wondered why because I would simply punch their teeth down their throat if they said that stuff to me. However as I watch Morgan allow them to spew their pro-NRA bile, I understood that it was important to show these people for who they really are.

The big problem, the huge disappointment is that they are winning. They want guns and violence and deaths of children and that’s exactly what is happening almost daily. Yes they WANT deaths of children. NO doubt about it. It’s not being cynical, it’s being honest. They want this because it creates a huge scare across the country which makes dumb people buy more guns. Sales go up, the NRA and their friends make money and they are all very happy. Capitalism at its best!

gun-violence-columbia-maryland-mall (1)
Howard County Executive Ken Ulman (L) and Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon speak to reporters after a shooting in Columbia, Maryland January 25, …

It has gotten to the point where most shootings aren’t even covered in the news anymore. The threshold seems to be five deaths. More than that and it gets coverage. Over ten deaths and it can become a major story for about a week and then it goes away. Sick ain’t it?

However we can’t blame the MSM for this one. Gun violence has become such a way of life here that it’s almost like car accidents or burglaries. You simply can’t cover them all. This is what the USA has become, a cesspool of violence in which our children can’t even go to school anymore without fear of being killed. Where parents simply do not know if they will see their kids return home from school. This is what WE are. This is what WE have become.

Of course the NRA talks about the need for even MORE guns. So far the police they have placed in some schools have done no good at all. What a shock eh? They have just ticketed students for things like not wearing a seat belt. There have also been horror stories of these officers leaving their guns in school restrooms by mistake. There have even been accidental shootings.

But this is the stuff I and other sane Americans said was going to happen. It won’t change but will only get worse. Only a matter of time before one or more students get killed by an officer who can’t shoot straight. There will be more and more “normal, average” shootings with teenagers taking guns to school and killing innocents.

I know people like Morgan and others want me to talk about ways to end the violence. How we can defeat the NRA and get the right people elected to Congress. But I’m done with all that. There is no way to stop it, and there is only one way to avoid it. To leave the country.

Yes those parents who want their kids to survive their school years must move to a normal country with sane people who don’t need a substitute for their small penis issues. A country like Great Britain, a great country that after a mass shooting in 1996 actually took action and removed most guns. There hasn’t been one mass shooting since. Or if you don’t want to travel that far you can simply move north of the border to Canada. Another country where gun violence pales in comparison to the USA. And they have cowboys there too!

No there is only one answer. To leave. It’s over here. Things will only get worse. The gun culture is way too ingrained here for anything to change. It has been going on too long, the people are too selfish and ignorant to see things any other way.

Just leave parents, please, just leave. Take your family somewhere else and live a normal happy life.

Go now and don’t ever look back.

[Origibally posted at America The NOT So Beautiful]