Tim Tebow: The New Black NFL Quarterback

Remember when a Black quarterback in the NFL had his IQ questioned for using his legs instead of his arm? Today, thanks to God, the same isn’t done for a very un-Negrolike Tim Tebow. Now of course you folks know I’m no fan of religion, but let me be clear: my feelings about Tebow mania has little to do with whatever his belief system may be. sure I know he’s a Christian, but I’d like to think that God has better things to do than paint his face orange and drink beer while watching the Denver Broncos play every Sunday. But if you truly believe that there’s a higher power somewhere who’s to credit for the success of Tim and the Broncos in recent weeks. Then, not only are you delusional listeners of burning bushes, you don’t know about football. So where are you going with this RiPPa? I’m going where I always go with everything, fool; damn right, I’m making this about race.

You see, it may seem unfair to bring race into this for some. After all, the game of football is in fact dominated by Black players. Of course this is true, but this was not always the case. In so many ways, though the game has changed, it really hasn’t. You see, once upon a time in the NFL, Blacks were not allowed to play in the league, much less the quarterback position. As a matter of fact, it was widely believed that Black players were not intelligent enough to play the position. Of course there have been several Black quarterbacks in recent decades to successfully challenge that stereotype before JaMarcuss Russell came along. But yet and still, there are many former high school quarterbacks forced to play other positions in college. Similarly, there are many college quarterbacks lucky enough to be allowed to play the position, who aren’t afforded the very same opportunity upon arrival in the NFL.

OK, we get it RiPPa, you think the NFL is racist.

Well, although it resembles and sometimes takes on the look of the modern day plantation with the small number of Black men in the overseer head coaching position. I wouldn’t dare suggest that the league is racist. Like much of what has happened when it comes to race in American history, changes have, and continue to be made. America had the Civil Rights Act, and the NFL now has the Rooney Rule; a rule which has opened up doors for Black head coaches coaches within the league. Since it’s inception in 2003, we have seen a a jump from 6% to 22% of Black coaches in 2006 alone. We’ve also seen four different Black head coaches lead their teams to the Super Bowl. Of course this has been ages since the NFL’s second Black head coach Art Shell, was named AFC coach of the year in 1990; or, since Fitz Pollard one of the first two Black players in the NFL, went on to become the leagues first Black coach. So yeah, progress may have been slow, but at the end of the day, it is still progress; besides, football is a game of inches.

So here we are today, and it’s like we’re seeing Tom Chambers, Rex Chapman, or Woody Harrelson dunk for the first time. For the first time, we’re seeing a white man do what Black quarterbacks were discouraged from doing. We’re seeing a white man with horrible accuracy, and a terrible mechanics heralded as the second coming of Brett Favre with the thighs of Earl Campbell. Sure he’s only started seven games, but unlike a certain King James, he doesn’t disappear in the fourth quarter because God is on his side. Yes folks, we’re all witnesses to that Tim Tebow magic. He can walk on water, turn Gatorade into wine, and most importantly, he doesn’t have a touchdown dance. He has done more in seven games for Black quarterbacks than anyone in the league has ever done. Not only is he the way, the truth, and the light. He has single handedly opened up the doors for all pushed-to-the-side future Black quarterbacks in the NFL. Because of Tim Tebow, in a few years, Doug Williams wouldn’t be the only Black quarterback to have won a Super Bowl or the Super Bowl MVP. When that day comes, hopefully said Black quarterback remembers Tim Tebow, and all the Black players that came before him. Here’s to hoping he likes pitbulls, and doesn’t catch a case…