Parents Of Occupy Wall Street: The NYPD, The Kids, & Democracy

Here in America, there’s a comonly shared idea that children in “certain foreign countries” are taught to hate America and all that it stands for. Along with this idea we’re told that people in these countries hate us because of our lovely homes with white picket fences,  our freedoms, and Justin Beiber.

Yes, we’re told that these people are hell bent on destroying America, and everything that’s right with, and about it, because of our God given exceptional-ism – something not found elsewhere on our precious planet earth.

Of course this isn’t true of everyone in foreign countries. Like me and my relatives before me, many “foreigners” are doing things like, digging tunnels, floating over here on rafts, and even selling themselves into the international sex trade industry to get a chance to enjoy all that the vast land of opportunity has to offer. And it is with all of this in mind, that we tell kids born on U.S. soil (with the exception of those anchor babies born to teh illegals) that they are the future; and, that they’re lucky to be born and live in the most free country on the planet. Yep, thanks to Parents Of Occupy Wall Street, you too can become more appreciative of America, just like me; and every “foreigner” here.

May God Bless America!