Terrorism: Your White Privilege Will Protect You

Terrorism has always been viewed as what Black and Brown-skinned people do to White people, and almost never the other way around. Trying to convince people of this could be an exercise in futility. This is especially so given the prevailing media-driven narrative and subsequent political discourse in the wake of the San Bernadino mass shooting less than a week ago.

All this talk about what Sayed Farook and his wife did in San Bernardino and still nothing about the argument he had at the office party. We were told that there was an argument before Sayed Farook decided to leave and return with his wife to wreak havoc on his co-workers. I suppose none of that is of any importance when it’s important to  stir up the fears of the color-aroused political base that supports you.

You can’t do that by worrying about angry White men and guns.

terrorism-san-bernadino_1_650xJust a few days after the San Bernadino shooting I heard Ari Fleischer say, we need “Pipe Bomb Control,” in an interview on MSNBC. In the days since, this has become quite the theme on the political right as they face yet another push for stronger gun laws.

Let everyone on the right tell it, the actions of the alleged terrorists in San Bernadino isn’t related to the ease with which anyone can purchase a gun or two without little scrutiny. Let them tell it, it’s about the need for surveillance.

Yep, because it’s about Muslims, pipe bombs, and not guns.

Yes, let’s increase surveillance on the plumbing aisle.

Great, so are we just going to forget that angry white men have dominated this mass shooting thing in America? Yeah, it’s like that never happens, like ever.

But, don’t tell anyone this: White men are like the Golden State Warriors of mass shootings. Yes, they’re un-fucking-defeated! But yet we’re worried about Muslims?

That’s that bullshit…

I mean, Bigfoot is still out there running around the woods of North America. But yet, y’all are afraid of ISIS? Seriously, White people: Where are your priorities?

Every week, on my TV there are White survivalists going to the most dangerous and remote jungles in other countries butt-naked. Yep, butt-ass-naked out in the jungle. And they do this without taking food, or even a pocket knife to protect them from snakes, gorillas, or a tribe of horny pygmies.

But yet, all of a sudden, White folks are afraid of the ISIS. I’m so disappointed in you people. Seriously, I expected better. After all, you people managed to survive extermination at the hands of Native Americans. Oh, and let’s not forget that you people also managed to survive the chains of slavery, Jim Crow, and the occasional death at the hands of police officers while being unarmed. Okay, so I’m kind of joking, but you get the picture.

White men import brides from Russia every day, but nobody’s worried about communism. But a Muslim-American meets his wife on JihadMingle.com and now we’re worried about foreigners? I thought y’all didn’t like Vladimir Putin.

All jokes aside, the best thing for our ill-informed albeit racist discourse on terrorism and radicalization would be a White convert to Islam joining ISIS and deciding to enact his Jihadist ideological will on the lives of innocent victims. But then again, they’ll just blame Obama and the Liberal Media and keep it moving.

Because, like Ebola, Obama messed around and allowed an ISIS to enter the country legally. I suppose the government needs to put a check box on Visa applications next to the question, “Are you a radical Islamic terrorist?” Because of course, without it, Lord knows who we’re allowing to enter the country.

Hell, I’ve seen enough episodes of Catfish on MTV for me to question whether Sayed Farook’s wife actually pledged allegiance to ISIS in a private message on Facebook.

Listen: if you’re White, you’re more likely to be killed by another White person than an Islamic terrorist or a person of color. I know Donald Trump says differently, but actual FBI data confirms what I say. In fact, the New York Times reports that since 9/11, homegrown extremists have killed more people on American soil than Jihadists. But, with homegrown terrorists being mostly White, this fact is ignored.

Truth be told, given recent events, White people should be more afraid of being blown away by someone like that crazy guy doing the Lord’s work who killed three people in Planned Parenthood last week. You know, the White guy who had Colorado Springs in siege for hours. The same White guy who unlike Black people,  managed to be handcuffed and arrested while alive?

Are you afraid?

You really shouldn’t be.