Smiley, West, & Obama: The “Niggerization” of Revolution

Program Note: In this episode of Madness & Reality Radio we discuss the ongoing critique of the Obama administration as it relates to poverty, in our current economy. Specifically, we’ll discuss the substance of the debate, and its polarizing effect on the Black community at large. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty, and explore the relevance of agitators in this new “post-racial” age of Obama.

So, are Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornel West full of it? Is Barack Obama beyond reproach when it comes to the issue of poverty? More importantly, what exactly can he do to address the issue that directly impacts the lives of millions across the country negatively? Surely you have an opinion, right? So, check out the following episode as we break it all down on Madness & Reality Radio. Also, be sure to check us out every Wednesday night at 9 PM (EST). So, do check out the episode below; and, be sure to check out the show page and follow us for updates.

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