How About Using Drone Strikes to Take Out Christopher Dorner

Speaking of Black History Month, have you heard about the massive Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) manhunt for ex-cop, Christopher Dorner? As irony would have it, Dorner happens to be a black man om a mission of vengeance against his former employer, the LAPD. Dorner is being pursued by law enforcement for three murders, of which, one of them happened to be the daughter of his attorney — also a former LAPD officer — and her fiancé. These first two murders has led to a subsequent panic and a trail of terror across the state of California, and in particular the city of Los Angles. Since then, Dorner has killed at least one LAPD officer, and has posted a manifesto via Facebook explaining his grievance. So what’s this former military turned ex-cop’s beef with the LADP? According to reports, this all stems from him being fired after attempting to do the right thing by “snitching” on his training officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans, who allegedly kicked an unarmed mentally ill suspect in the face.

Dorner reported to his superiors that Evans kicked a schizophrenic suspect with severe dementia in the face after he had already been tasered and subdued. The LAPD Board of Review looked into the claim and determined that Dorner was lying and they dismissed him. Yep, that’s what a brotha gets for being honest given the departments ugly history when it comes minorities and community relations. But, in spite of the following video tape evidence obtained by FOX 11 in the form of testimony by Christopher Gettler (the schizophrenic man allegedly kicked in the face) at Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing. Dorner was labelled a liar, and Gettler’s testimony was considered “incoherent and non responsive,” in an Appelatte Court decision. You can check out the video testimony which was conducted by Dorner’s appointed attorney, Randy Quan below.

To say that Dorner has the state shook is an understatement:

IRVINE, Calif. — The burned pickup truck belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner had a broken axle and weapons were found inside, authorities said.

The truck is being processed by the Irvine Police Department, a police spokesman told The Times on Saturday afternoon. Another law enforcement officer confirmed that weapons were found inside the truck.

Irvine police spokeswoman Julia Engen said the truck is in a “secured evidence storage locker” in Irvine and is “severely burned.” She added that it was unclear how the axle damage occurred. She declined to comment about any other items found in the vehicle.

CNN reported Saturday that guns were found in the truck and CBS News reported ammunition was also discovered.

Despite the large amount of resources being deployed to the manhunt, CBS reported that authorities are making sure police will maintain a presence at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The news organization said officers scheduled to have the day off would be called in and others would work overtime.

While investigators examined the truck in Irvine, the search for Dorner continued in the mountains near Big Bear. Approximately 50 officers are searching the forest and doing door-to-door checks, according to a statement from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

“There are several additional patrol units throughout the Big Bear Lake community,” the statement said. “Two helicopters are assisting in the search efforts.”

[…] Police say that Dorner has killed three people and injured others in a campaign to take revenge on those he blamed for his dismissal from the LAPD four years ago. Investigators are scrutinizing a conspiracy-laden manifesto published on what they believe was Dorner’s Facebook page. The screed threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police officers and their families, saying that Dorner has no choice but to kill to reclaim his damaged reputation.

Police accuse him of killing the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiancé, who were found shot to death last Sunday in a car in Irvine. While on the run, police said, Dorner shot three police officers, one fatally, in Riverside County.

Now, none of this is particularly funny; and yes, Dorner must be apprehended. But, isn’t it somewhat hilarious to note that Dorner just may go down in history as the first black man wanted by the po-po who had a manifesto — maybe we’re officially post racial.. Yep, and somewhere in hell I’m pretty sure that the DC Sniper is crying because he never thought to write a manifesto himself. However, what’s troubling to many — myself included — is the fact that LAPD officers have shot at random people in an attempt to “apprehend” Dorner.

Christopher-DornerWhen you consider that Christopher Dorner was essentially a whistle-blower, the fact that he has garnered shoot-to-kill status has opened up room for questions. One of them being, is this common protocol when it comes to the apprehension of suspects? Are they truly trying to silence him so as to prevent further exposure of police corruption? I mean, going out on a murderfest isn’t actually the way to address grievance. But do we really need police officers opening fire on random individuals without question? I know Dorner currently has a one million dollar reward on his head according to the LA Times; and yes, the police chief has said he intends to take another look at Dorner’s disciplinary case. But, um, is he really going to do just that? Or, was that simply an attempt to cover their asses in the wake of their errors in judgement? Mind you, I am in no way condoning Dorner’s actions — what he did was wrong; and no, he is definitely not a hero. But, I suppose given that we live in a nation where it’s perfectly “legal” for the federal government to assassinate American citizens. Clearly, the LAPD’s actions aren’t problematic, no?