Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama’s Mother “Hated Being White”

Allow me to share with you something hilarious — at least to me it is. The subject of this post is of my favorite black conservative, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. If you’ve been following this site for the last five years, you’ll know that Peterson has the dubious distinction of being a recipient of my Slave Catcher of the Week Award, on multiple occasions. That said, there’s really no need for me to explain to just who the good reverend happens to be. All you need to know is that he’s black; he appears on FOX News frequently; and, he’s a good friend of Sean Hannity. Oh yeah, it might also be helpful if you knew that he was literally raised on the very plantation in Alabama that his ancestors once toiled as slaves. No seriously, I couldn’t make that up; yes, I’m good, but I’m not that good. But now that you know, I guess it would explain why Re. Jesse Lee Peterson would say something disparaging about Obama’s mother, or suggest that she “hated being white.”.

So, I think you get the picture of just who the other Jesse happens to be. As irony would have it, after reading a recent post on this site, one of the producers of his radio show emailed one of our contributors with a request to be interviewed on his radio show. After discussing it with said contributor, we both laughed and politely declined. As much as we’ve torn into his ass on this site, for all I know, that invitation was probably a set up to get us lynched by the “we hate black people” wing of the Tea Party. Yep, gots to be mo’ careful out’chea in these here innanets.

So anywhichaway, appearing last week on TruNews with fellow crackpot, Rick Wiles. Peterson, no stranger to unintelligent conversations on race, threw out what I believe to be one of his best lines to date. In typical slave-catcher speak, Peterson argued that Obama is “racist” against white people. Nothing new really; heck, even Glenn Beck said as much. Peterson, however, gave a different explanation as to why America’s first black president is racist. According to him, Obama is racist because his mother, Ann Dunham, “hated her color” and raised him “not to accept that side of himself.” Now, as ridiculous as this sounds, it’s tough for me to argue with Peterson on the issue of self-hate, and lack of racial pride. I’m not saying or suggesting that Peterson is correct — has he ever been right about anything? — but as the old saying goes: it takes one to know one. And we now for sure that Peterson is indeed quite possibly the most self-loathing-negro in American history (yes, I think he wears blackface when he has sex with white women). Having said that, check out the following exchange between two fools thanks to the folks at Right Wing Watch.

jesse-lee-peterson_satan_obama_2008_election_victoryWiles: I voted for Alan Keyes years ago and I didn’t see the media going out there and whipping up guilt and telling white people: ‘you people should vote for Alan Keyes, he’s a black man.’ Alan Keyes is a real black man, okay? To be very precise, Barack Obama is not the first black president he is the first mixed-race president. He is fifty percent white and fifty percent black, there is nothing wrong with that and this is a wonderful thing that a mixed-race person was elected. But when I criticize him I just tell people, ‘I’m not criticizing his black half, I’m criticizing his white half.’ He was raised by white people and he was raised by white people who were connected to the New World Order. That man had a silver spoon in his mouth. He was not raised by a goat herder in Kenya, he was raised by his white family and they had connections to the New World Order and nobody wants to talk about this.

Peterson: I don’t think that Obama even identifies with the white aspect of himself. His mother, she hated her color, she hated being white and I’m thinking, I don’t have a whole lot of proof of this, but I do know she hated her color, hated being white. I think he may have been brought up not to accept that side of himself and that adds to him being a racist because he doesn’t really respect white folks. Wiles: It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, it is because he is red inside; he is a Communist, that’s the problem.

Peterson: It’s all spiritual. I tell people all the time, our battle is a spiritual battle; a warfare between good and evil and Barack Obama is evil.

Listen to it below: