California Coalition for Immigration Reform: Another Racist Organization

I realize I haven’t said a lot lately about the current immigration debate. But if you know me — or follow this site — you’ll know that I have said plenty. Specifically, I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that the heart and soul of the anti-immigration movement is in fact funded by racist organizations.

Yep, no need for me to go back and rehash those arguments. Heck, I won’t even link to them in this post. Instead, I’ll just let the following video speak for itself. The video was put together by the good folks over at Cuéntame. You may not know about their organization; but, if you’re an advocate for immigration reform, you should definitely get to know them and “like” then on Facebook. In the following video (which is one of many at their site) they expose the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. Yep, a haven for racist Nativist types.