Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Does Matter

Paul Ryan’s recent disclosure of having a serious relationship with a black woman does matter. Though it is an embryonic tactic to create a racelessness Republican identity, it is still heavily embedded in race politics; or rather, keeping race in national political discourse

But let’s face it, who we openly date is some very old shit. In mainstream dialogue, it is being erased with the relevance of the NAACP, the prescription pill addict known as Limbaugh, and me favorite little chicken nuggets.

Of course in moral, politically-correct discussions, an interracial relationship is far from damning. In fact, saying you have had an intimate relationship with a black person elevates your post-racial status on white people’s liberal scales.

And since the movie, ‘Something New’, starring Sanaa Lathan, it seems that forward-thinking, assertive, career-oriented black women, have chosen white dime pieces as the accessory of choice. Of course that comes after every black radical male has fathered at least two biracial children since Civil Rights.

Today, it is okay to be gay, ask any black woman’s best friend on a reality show. And certainly, it is cool to taste the rainbow, much like wearing a vibrant, chic little DKNY suit on Wall Street, it is the change we have become.

But this ain’t moral politics, this is new world order. In order to play, you have to appear, well, “we-are-the-world-ish” with accents of suppression and highlights of sexism. But racism, oh noooo, not fashionable and not a good sell, just a whole bunch of videos going viral on Youtube.

We not post-racial. That ploy didn’t work. We are more post-racecard.

For instance, when the Gabby Douglass hair incident came out, I heard so many white people in particular point out that they did not “see” Gabby’s race nor her hair as she captured to gold medals in the London Olympics. And frankly, they were offended by the discussion of her blackness and nappyiness; especially when Negroes talked about it, we were framed as perpetuating the race problem.

But this new trend of being non-racial is the re-emergence of the colorblind scheme to cover up outright racism that has been popping up like opiate leaves in Afghanistan since the Obama election.

For decades, bedding a black woman was the rights of passage for white males, hence the interesting story of celebrated politician Strom Thurmond, the biggest racist who fathered a biracial child. If Ryan’s girlfriend’s color or that of his sister-in-law did not matter, he would have left that out of any discussion.

According to some reports, Ryan’s admittance is said to have caused a hail storm in the Right Wing camp. I disagree. Those who have responded negatively are the ignorant minority that the Republican Party is weeding out and re-educating and re-politicizing with the notion that you gotta give a little something to get the power back.

A little chocolate wetting Ryan’s tank is a good thing. It makes Ryan look more attractive, and creates a more progressive head of state for a future America that is currently being heavily criticized by the world for its backwardass politics.

Paul Ryan for President in 2016.

So what 62% of my budget cuts negatively impact poor people; hey, black chicks dig me.

The Republican strategy is something like the known secret amongst blacks who warned other blacks to not be too radical, or too hard on Obama during the 2008 campaign. He had to appear non-threatening to white voters. Certainly, we were banned from pointing out that he really didn’t have a traditional “black” experience because of his biracial heritage and middle-class, upbringing is what made him most appealing to voters.

Now Republicans are cultivating someone who defies the traditional right-wing image in pursuit of a 2016 president and a Republican dominance after the Obama reign for at least fie to six terms.

Ryan is just going through the motions as a (pseudo) Vice-President in the already failed, and cartoon feature that is called the Romney campaign. They are grooming him for president, and scouting out Chris Christie as the Veep, and maybe even the other way around. God help us all.

Ryan is establishing a vanguard political identity that will be the “new” face of a Republican Party that has been split between blatant racists and those who have been indifferent, and to some degree ambivalent. He becomes the unifying factor of being progressive, but still conservative enough to maintain, and perhaps grow the voting base of the party; especially young Republicans.

If Republicans want to crawl out of this self-dug hole, they have to dig deeper and edit its public representation in creative ways that keeps the crazies, but regulates them so they can continue to get the vote, yet present a more progressive public image.

Bill Maher naively said that rednecks and old racist foggies will simply die off. And though they do, there are certainly many more who are happy to replace cogs in a wheel.

But this is where politics gets very interesting. Many people like to point out the individual and not look at the system that produced this person, and provided an environment for them to thrive.

It is so easy to crucify the individual, so the Republican thinkers are using this perspective in developing Paul Ryan as the individual who is transcending current and past stereotypes of the Republican boogeyman.   A more progressive, handsome malverick who is “color blind” and comes from an inclusive, yet conservative family.

Yes, bring him home to Jesus. Ryan has made it to the promise land of . . . dare I say it, a post-racial Republican.