Mitt Romney 0% Percent with Black Voters, But Don’t Tell Artur Davis

According to new polling, Mitt Romney is pulling 0% support from black voters. This is rather shocking especially since his NAACP speech was such a hit — minus the boos of course.

I’m just gon’ put this out there, and y’all can do with it whatever you will. Okay, so here goes nothing: If Mitt Romney becomes president, women will be forced to sew up their vagina. OK, so that’s not factually accurate; but neither is anything the Romney-Ryan campaign says. Take Romney’s continued lie that President Obama has removed work requirements from Welfare recipients for example. It’s a flat-out lie that has been debunked by everyone including a few Republicans. Never mind the facts though; Obama is making people dependent on government.

But don’t tell that to Mitt Shady, because he has all but doubled down on his racist campaign meme and released yet another campaign ad featuring the same damn lie. The thing is, Romney himself knows it’s a lie, but continues to push it because 1) He thinks voters are stupid, 2) Because he is attempting to tap into the resentment of white non-college-educated workers by appealing to their racial sensibilities, and 3) Because he thinks voters are stupid. Romney hopes to gain votes from a particular class of voter: that would be, white men who though unemployed and on Welfare themselves, are sold on the notion that black folks are lazy freeloaders looking for a handout. To this type of voter facts don’t matter. Obama is black, and he’s giving free money to black folks.

Speaking of lazy people on Obama’s teat, here’s one fact check:

This racist strategy has my man Chauncey DeVega proclaiming that Romney is racist:

Mitt Romney’s newest ad suggests that President Obama is creating a society of dependence by giving out free stuff to those poor black and brown people on welfare. In the post-truth era inaugurated by the rise of Right-wing talk radio, Fox News, and the Conservative blogosphere, it is irrelevant that Romney’s latest campaign ad is a willful misrepresentation of the facts. The Fourth Estate has abandoned all pretense of being guardians for the truth; they have been bullied into submission by Conservatives, and their invention of the catch all propaganda phrase “the liberal media.”

Consequently, with few exceptions, the mainstream news media runs away from calling Mitt Romney what he actually is–a willful, almost pathological, liar.

Mitt Romney is also a racist liar.To some folks, that language is strong, frightening, and offensive. This is expected: we live in a bizarre, post racial, post Civil Rights moment, where to call a white person–especially a Conservative–a racist is a bigger sin than racism itself. The public needs to be reminded that racism is not just mean words. Racism is not defined by intent (the common “he or she didn’t mean it that way” defense). Racism is not limited to the KKK, skinheads, or signs that say “Colored Drinking Fountain,” or “No Mexicans, Negroes, or Dogs.”

Racism is also about disparate outcomes, structures, institutions, and power. The media and social scientists have invented a whole vocabulary in order to avoid talking plainly about the type of racism being exhibited by Mitt Romney’s campaign at present, the Republican Party since the 1960s, and the Tea Party GOP during the Age of Obama. We talk about dog whistles, coded signals, white racial resentment, symbolic racism, and racial affect. In our efforts to be subtle and precise, the obvious is often overlooked.

You know what? Chauncey is spot on. Also, the fact that Mitt’s campaign continues to push this lie makes it hard to argue against a respectable Negro like DeVega. In fact, if anything, Romney’s strategy of lie after lie about America’s first black president (and Welfare) just might be reflective of results of a new WSJ/NBC News poll, that shows Romney getting zero percent of the black vote.

The poll has since been a source of ridicule for Black Conservatives who feel a bit left out. So much so that they’ve launched a #BlackConservatives4Romney hashtag on Twitter so the whole world can know that they do exist. Not that we didn’t know that they did. However, I must say that it’s nice to see that they were rightfully counted as three-fifths human in the poll as they were. Yes, I know that was a low blow, and yes it’s uncalled for. But hey, just like this post started, like Romney I’m saying whatever I have to say to win you over. Heck, did you think I had any substance to offer?

Barack Obama & Artur Davis

You know, sorta like Artur Davis who is scheduled t speak at the GOP National Convention next week? You remember him, right? He was one of the first high-profile Black Democrat in Congress to throw support behind a then Senator Obama. Yeah, the guy who donated to both Democrat and Republican campaigns after losing his bid to become Governor of Alabama. Yes, the muppet-faced-looking-negro pictured above with then Senator Barack Obama. Yep, the same Artur Davis who came out in support of voter suppression laws targeting minorities created by GOP legislatures across the country. Surely you remember him from the DNC Convention in 2008, no? Oh, you don’t? OK, lemme press rewind:

That said, now that Mitt is polling at zero percent with “the blacks,” don’t be surprised when you hear his campaign ads begin each time with a sultry sounding black woman saying, “M-M-M-Maybach Music. Or, maybe Paul Ryan’s college girlfriend who happens to e black will surface as at the GOP Convention in Tampa next week, shaking her ass and wearing very little — like the typical video hoe vixen — to pull in black votes. After all, Tampa isn’t that far from Miami — shout out to Uncle Luke.