No Black People in Bernie Sanders New Campaign Ad?

I just looked at this new Bernie Sanders campaign ad. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it. Set to the song “America” by Simon & Garfunkel, many, like Rolling Stone,  are calling the ad “inspirational.” The video for the ad has gone viral since its release yesterday; and, the one-minute ad has well over one million views on YouTube. However, what stood out to me, was that there were no people of color featured in the ad.

bernie-sanders-campaign-ad_660xA minor oversight by Bernie Sanders, maybe. I mean, there are only 7,000 Black people in the state of Vermont anyway. As rare as we are in Vermont where Bernie Sanders resides, I suppose it’s easy to forget we exist. I suppose given that the commercial is set to air predominantly in Iowa and New Hampshire in the next few weeks, the lack of diversity is to be understood. Even so, one has to ask: seriously, is this acceptable? Coming from a candidate attempting to make serious inroads with black and brown voters, I’d have to say it hurts the Bernie Sanders campaign more than it helps.

This “post-racial” stuff was temporary anyway

Personally, I don’t know whether this should be a big deal or not. But, at a time when we’re boycotting the Oscars for its lack of diversity, maybe it isn’t. But hey, let’s face it: people of color in America are used to being an afterthought. That said, I guess it’s easy to see how some may see it that way. And I suppose, the producers of this commercial should get a pass.

So yes, in spite of all the chants of “Black Lives Matter!” for the last year and a half; the crumbling schools in Detroit and subsequent teacher sick-outs this week as a result. Or, in spite of the thousands of Black children poisoned by water in Flint, Michigan due to sheer government negligence. Perhaps, being reminded by a potential presidential candidate that, we too, aren’t a part of America, is to be expected. See? That’s that bullshit. But then again, maybe I’m just making a big deal about nothingBut then again, maybe I’m just making a big deal about nothing, yes?