“Fatherless Young Black Men”: News 12 New Jersey Reporter Suspended then Quits After On-Air Comments

News 12 New Jersey’s reporter Sean Bergin, a white man, reported a shooting of a rookie cop Melvin Santiago by Lawrence Campbell, a black male. Bergin decided to air out his views on air while covering the incident citing that an ‘anti-cop mentality’ is the result of young black men not having any fathers in their lives. He made that statement during an interview with Lawrence’s widow Angelique who said that he should’ve killed more officers who later apologized for making the statement. Bergin was reprimanded by News 12, because he “voiced an opinion rather than remained objective.” He walked out soon after.


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Bergin on her show. His views had not changed, and he didn’t believe he was wrong. He cared nothing about the consequences:

“It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities,’ Bergin said. ‘The underlying cause of all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers…I knew there would be some consequences; I knew there would be some ramifications. I thought maybe I would get a reprimand, maybe a temporary suspension…If I had it to do over again, I would do the exact same thing.”



I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that Sean Bergin statements make no sense. I fail to see the link in fatherless, young black males and this animosity towards the police. But after careful thought, I see this is yet another weak attempt to associate young black men, absent black fathers and violence. This racist “logic” is very popular in American society, so popular that even some black people themselves, even the most liberal, accept it as fact. Somehow or another, not having a father in a black household spawns killers and rapists without fail. In this case, it even gives birth to cop-killers.


Bergin says how he was silenced for addressing the problem. He states that the media doesn’t want to talk about this subject due to “stark raving liberals who masquerade as journalists.” While Bergin is entitled to his stupid ass opinion, there are several things that also need to be addressed, but is rarely mentioned in the mainstream, liberal or conservative.

(As a side note, I’m not defending Campbell or any other criminal. But a few things need to be addressed.)

One, America’s problems, with major help from the media, are racialized. In this case, we’re seeing a rehash of fatherless males and

Lawrence Campbell
Lawrence Campbell

violence latched on to the black community as black pathologies. In our case, one creates the other. Black males with no fathers equal violent crime. Only black folks have those problems and only they must take care of it.


Two, the issues of children growing up without dads and violence is not a ‘black problem’. They are social problems that are not stuck with one group of people. They are damning stereotypes that the so-called liberal media likes to present.


Three, Not many people have the knowledge or guts to mention how the media is racially biased in regards to black people. Most of the news you see or read involving black folks involve sports and crime. Positive news about black folks is as hard in the mainstream.

Four, unless there’s an article I’ve missed, we don’t know if Lawrence Campbell had a father or not.


Five, Bergin said, “I’m in these housing projects all the time, and it’s all for the same thing: black men slaughtering each other in the streets. Why is this happening?” He assumed that those within the projects he mentioned are mostly single parent families with no fathers.


Six, being a black man without a father doesn’t guarantee that he will end up a criminal just like having a father won’t mean that he will definitely not be a criminal. This kind of low-level, racist thinking must cease. There are, have been and always will be young people who grow up to be whatever they want regardless if the father’s in the picture or not, which leads me to…


Seven, we seem to give fatherhood way too much power. At the same time, we devalue mothers, especially single moms, who take care of their children. Yet, the blame for fatherless black males always goes to the mothers. There isn’t nearly as much finger-pointing for the douche bags who committed hit-and-runs. Instead, they usually regarded as ‘thugs’ who women love to fuck over so-called ‘nice guys’.


Eight, and most importantly, Bergin obviously didn’t think to consider that the anti-police sentiment that so many black people have is due to anti-black sentiments that the police have that resulted in serious injuries and even death. Recently, a 51-year old homeless black woman, Marlene Pinnock, was beaten within an inch of her life by a California highway patrol officer, and from what we’ve learned, she was only crossing freeway medians in bare feet. And just a few days ago 43 year-old Eric Garner, a black man, was choked to death by New York cops after breaking up a fight. Of course, let’s not forget the numerous cases where black people were harassed and taken down brutally by police for hardly anything that would warrant such force. But hey, it’s the fault of black folks without fathers in their lives, right?


Maybe if Bergin was so concerned with black male fatherhood, or the supposed lack thereof, he would dig deeper into the issue or at least question why the media is obsessed in seeing who our baby’s daddies are. But I doubt it. To people like Bergin, it’s simple, and there won’t be a heavy examination, especially to his questionable opinion. What he said in front of the camera is what people cheer for, and his penalty is what people are upset about. In the end, it’s our fault we hate police and it’s our fault we keep getting our asses handed to us by the nation’s finest, whatever it is to ease the collective guilt of the mainstream and law(less) enforcement.