Why ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ is a Casting FAIL

Exodus is a film set to come out this year. It is based on the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt through Moses’s leadership. This, by far, is an interesting film of biblical proportions. With a Ridley Scott flavored interpretation of this story, it should be entertaining (if nothing else). Adding an all-star cast should only ensure that the movie is at its highest entertainment value.


Exodus Movie and the Disgust

Yet and still, I hope that the movie flops worse than that travesty called Ishtar. I know I should never wish for the failure of anyone’s hard work. However, I take an issue with this movie. Exodus is just another repeat of all the failings and trappings of Hollywood. It is 2014 and the people in Tinseltown want to play the game of racial elimination.


ExodusmoviecastExodus Movie and the Inclusion of Black People


Still, that isn’t the most heinous situation in this crime against historical accuracy. The even bigger issue is that the cast members that so happen to be of African descent are playing the lowest common denominator characters. Many of these Black people are playing either slaves or criminals. Such imagery is pretty tasteless in its inexplicable racial imagery. It is one thing to screw up history; it is another to screw it up to make Whites look superior to Blacks where White should not even exist.

And to think that many in America feel that Black people “always find something to complain about”. Oh, I get that. But at what point do people (especially white people) start taking some care and consideration for their actions? This isn’t the 1956 Ten Commandments movie, people. All of that “racial climate avoidance” should be over and done with.


Exodus Movie and What Should Be Done

Instead of taking the time to “hope they get it right”, I will just sign a petition against the movie. Created by Adidas Wilson, it is short and sweet: Egyptians and Ethiopians are descendants of Ham and Ham is in Africa. Nothing more is needed to said. So, if you get a chance, you can sign the petitions right here.

Personally, I don’t have time for this whitewashing. Ryan Herring said it best when he noted “depictions of white only Biblical figures” were deliberately used to “subconsciously indoctrinate the false belief of white divinity (and therefore superiority)” [3][4]. It is time to push above this typecast madness. Until we actually say something about this, it will only continue. So, please sign the petition and don’t even waste time supporting this reprehensible form of a movie.