Mizzou’s Problem With Black College Students

There’s no rosy way to say this. I can’t sugarcoat this. I’m just going to come right out and say it. White people have a pathological problem with black people. It can’t be denied, although some will certainly try their damnest to do so.

Why am I saying this? Why would I say something that is considered by many whites to be ‘racist’? Well, white people prove it every single day from microaggressions to outright threats and acts of violence against nonwhites. Yet, we are told that we live in a post-racial society simple because our President is a black man. Telling people of color there’s no more racism is futile when white people continue to be racist through their actions. And recently, we’ve seen a clear example of their race problem on the campus of the University of Missouri.

There have been reports of racist incidents that have targeted black students on that campus. It seems to have been ongoing and the campus President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin were too passive or incompetent to do anything about it:

The Wall Street Journal gives a list of some noteworthy incidents:

August 2014: After the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, a demonstration erupts on campus. University officials organize campus forums on race, largely attended by black students. Students say the forums came too late and only in reaction to their move to raise their concerns so publicly.


Sept. 12: Payton Head, the Missouri Student Association president, writes on Facebook that the prior night he had been called “n—–” repeatedly by people riding on the back of a pickup truck on campus.


Oct. 5: The Legion of Black Collegians, a black student government organization, reports that “an inebriated white male” calls them the n-word while members of the group were in the campus plaza rehearsing for a homecoming performance. Mr. Loftin issues a strongly worded video statement deploring the incident, saying “Let’s stop this. Let’s end hatred and racism at Mizzou.” A few days later, a white student was identified as the perpetrator and moved from campus.


Oct. 10: Eleven African-American students surround Mr. Wolfe’s red convertible at homecoming. Police push them away, and threaten arrest, but no arrests take place.

Oct. 24: Someone scrawls a swastika in excrement on a dorm wall. Police haven’t identified a suspect and their investigation is ongoing.

Black students started to protest. One by the name of Jonathan Butler went on a hunger strike, and members of the university’s football team refused to take part in any games. Ultimately, Wolfe resigned and Loftin transitioned to a research development position. Sadly and predictably, some of the white students were unhappy about all this, and sure enough, their inner KKK came out to remind black students of their place by calling them n*ggers and making death threats.

Raw Story reports:

Tuesday night on campus was apparently terrifying. Police arrested a man suspected of making threats to open fire on black students Wednesday, just over a month after the most recent mass shooting on a college campus in Oregon, KSDK reports. Police identified the man as Hunter M. Park, 20.


“I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see,” the suspect wrote on the social media platform Yik Yak on Tuesday night.


Despite the direct threats of gun violence, the university is drawing criticism for holding classes on its regular schedule Wednesday. Some reported seeing the KKK on campus, while students captured video of a man screaming at them on campus about race.


Another female student recounted a terrifying incident on Twitter, in which she was boxed into a parking lot by a racist “cult” in a section of campus known as Speakers Circle.


Another student took to Facebook to voice feelings of being abandoned by the university.


“I damn sure ain’t going to class today,” the student wrote Wednesday morning. “Police didn’t care admin weren’t trying to cancel class for our collective safety. Mizzou as a whole acted like it didn’t care bout mine or my brothers and sisters lives.”

Can you blame them for not wanting to go to class? White folks have always clowned about how black people don’t care about getting an education. But here are young black people that are going to a university that demand to learn in a safe environment, and here you have racist white fools scaring the hell out of them making them afraid to attend class.

univ_missouri_protest_1_650xI don’t want to hear how racist I sound. I don’t want to hear how mean I am, how hurtful my tone is or how your precious white feelings are hurt. I especially don’t want to hear how not all whites are like this. Right now, I don’t give a shit about any of that, because neither I or anyone should have to hold my tongue whenever we see injustices and acts of terror against us because of what we are simply because it makes you feel bad. When I say that white people have a problem with black people, it’s not for nothing. Black people, and people of color in general, have been, and still are, victims of white racism. It’s through their actions that make that statement true.

White folks who read this, if you don’t want us protesting, marching, boycotting or whatever, do us and yourself a favor and do something about your pathological problem of racism. We are tired of dealing with your need to feel superior, and just like the students at the University of Missouri has shown the world, we will not stand for it any longer.