Judge Ruling Makes Alabama Racial Profiling Legal

So racial profiling under the guise of immigration enforcement is now legal in Alabama. Awesome! It’s about time they rounded up those white folks and sent them back to Europe where they belong.Thank you U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn. Because of you, Alabama now has legalized racism – just groovy. Finally, it’s good to know that the law will be enforced the right way as it should. This is a nation of laws, and they should be enforced by any means necessary.

Yep, just like Malcolm X once said, by God.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn blocked some but not all provisions of Alabama’s immigration law in a decision she issued on Wednesday. The law prevents undocumented workers from applying for jobs and imposes penalties on businesses that hire or even transport them.

clearpxlBlackburn allowed state police to make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person who has been detained or arrested, if the officer has a reasonable suspicion to inquire about their status. She said that there is nothing in federal law that expressly prevents states from passing laws to verify a person’s citizenship and immigration status.

No Country For White Men

Now this is great news especially when you consider just how the European criminal element is destroying this country. They come here illegally not having any respect of this country and its people, speaking their English and taking away jobs, all the while paying no taxes and living on government assistance.

If you ask me, this judge did us proud by upholding the law of the land. After all, it’s not like the constitution says anything against racial profiling anyway. Further, I wished they had done this sooner. Sure state government have tried in at least four other states and those Obama activist judges have ruled on the side of those European illegal immigrants. But clearly, Alabama’s Republican controlled state government has suceeded in doing what cowards like Obama have failed to do. That is: get those job-stealing criminal illegal Europeans out.

The judge also allowed Alabama to check the immigration status of students enrolled in public schools.

However, Blackburn stopped the implementation of provisions that would prevent undocumented aliens from applying for work, prohibit the concealing, harboring and transporting of illegal migrants and ban employers from being penalized in the form of state tax deductions for payment of salaries to an unauthorized alien.

Both camps that were for and against the law claimed victory in Blackburn’s decision.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, who signed the law on June 9, said he considered Blackburn’s ruling a triumph for the state government because the court allowed the enforcement of a majority of the provisions that were challenged by the federal government, church leaders and civil rights groups that filed the lawsuit to block its enforcement on Aug. 29.

I don’t know how you might feel about this decision. But however that may be, I take comfort in knowing that folks in Alabama can breathe a sigh of relief, as well as sleep safer at night by knowing that the law is on their side in cracking down on  on those European animals. I mean hell, who do they think they are? Black, Brown, or Native American people? I swear, their sense of entitlement kills me. Sure some of them will be mad, but it’s not like these Europeans are  fully human and deserving of rights while stealing our land and air anyway, right? Yep, racial profile their asses.

Uh-huh, time for y’all Hillbillies to go home.