Occupy Wall Street: Has the System & NYPD Met It’s Match?

Sometimes I write these articles with my tongue literally lodged in the side of my mouth because what I may write here as news isn’t news to some people. Living as a woman of color in a world in which WEB Du Boise described as a ‘double consciousness’ I am well aware of the dual perception of the police as friend and foe. If I climbed the highest rooftop and screamed the following statement……


Would you agree or call me crazy? Would you jump to the defense of the one or two nice cops that you know who risk their lives daily to protect and serve or would you keep silent knowing full well that their implied civility is generally attached to skin color.

With the emergence of the internet and smart phone offering the opportunity for anyone to record and broadcast video we are now all becoming more aware of the abusive and privileged ways in which the NYPD operate.

Others are more than aware of how easy it is to be confronted by the City’s officers, not for issues involving a public code violation, but for what I can only describe as bully treatment. The recent protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement have to deal with nature’s elements as they continue their symbolic occupation but no one was prepared for the onslaught of abusive treatment protesters have been subjected to at the hand of New York’s Finest. Anytime a person finds themselves begging to not be arrested when they have not violated any laws we have to wonder at what point do we allow ourselves to transition into a communist dictatorship.

Are you familiar with that type of confrontation where one must decide what action is most likely to ensure their survival? I know people of color are weary and suspicious of the police after years of targeted brutality suffered at the hands of those put in charge of our civilian code of conduct but white people, on the other hand, may have still been thinking that the police are ‘our friend’.

If you are not familiar with this phenomenon I can point you to this article about the NYPD overheard on wiretapping tapes using some colorful language to describe the various ‘nationalities’ they are in charge of protecting.

I understand the confusion, I do, it’s hard to tell if the abusive behavior of the NYPD is a result of the actions of a few or if it is a departmental culture. There is after all a BIG BLUE SEA of Internal Affairs investigating discrepancies and that dam Blue Wall of Silence to climb and peer over. Once they give us a press conference, put the officer on desk duty for a week or two and inevitably dismiss the charges against the officers there is nothing much else more for you and I to do.

I mean, so far, we only have a reported rape and arrest by a drunken off duty police officer who used his gun to intimidate a woman into a secluded area before raping her. Eyewitnesses called authorities to report the assault; his legal defense is calling the sex consensual. So a teacher on her way to work in the morning decided to hop in the bushes with a man she does not know to have a tryst.

It’s understandable, I do it all the time, you see.

The NYPD may have met their match, considering the recent threat that was released by the group ANONYMOUS via YouTube.

The underground hactivist group has given a warning to the NYPD that the protesters should be left alone.

Yes, friends, we are now living a reality where people using a Guy Folks mask are the ones to come to our defense; but like in the movie V for Vendetta, will we stand with our brave heroes or will the public choose to cower in hopes that it will never be one of us on the receiving end of some pepper spray or a service revolver? Either way, I’m stoked, because I believe, as do the people in the ANONYMOUS video that it will take something drastic to shift the direction in which we are going.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November”

Will this line remain a catchy pop reference phrase or should we also be curious as to what the date may represent if the NYPD continue to play the role of power drunk overseers. So far the date has been rumored to be the day in which hackers will take down Facebook..Stay tuned….

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