Judge Edith Jones: Just Another Racist Conservative

By now, you’ve probably heard about Judge Edith Jones, a former chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. If you haven’t, you may want to sit down and take your nerve pills pronto.

Judge Jones is in the media spotlight for having racist attitudes regarding blacks, Latinos and Mexican Nationals. She alleged believes that blacks and browns are predisposed to committing violent crimes. (Where have we heard that one before?) Plus, she thinks giving them the death penalty will give them an opportunity to make peace with God. Due to the allegations, Federal Appeals Court reassigns a death penalty case away from her.  It was reported that she made her racist comment during a discussion of the case with another judge, James Dennis, who was told by Jones in the same conversation to “shut up.”

Certainly, being a judge and having a racist disposition is a major reason why so many blacks and brown people are filling jails and prisons. However, that is not all that was discovered about this judge. It was revealed that she has more skeletons inside her moth ball smelling closet of hers. Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser reports on Jones attitude towards a sexual harassment suit:

“A paper mill worker named Susan Waltman’s supervisor told her to have sex with a co-worker, “pinched her buttocks with pliers and tried to put his hands in her back pockets,” and fellow employees hung used tampons from their lockers. When she complained to a manager, she was told she should “expect this type of behavior working with men.” After she complained, an employee of another company that worked in the mill grabbed her arm while she was carrying a vial of hot liquid, and another worker stuck his tongue in her ear. One of her co-workers told her “he would cut off her breast and shove it down her throat.” He later dangled her over a stairwell thirty feet above the floor. Though she met with senior managers about these incidents, the harassment continued. At one point, a co-worker “grabbed Waltman’s breasts and directed a high pressure hose at her crotch.”

Judge Jones wrote a dissenting opinion claiming that this woman’s sexual harassment suit should be thrown out.”

And there was the time she asked The Supreme Court to re-evalute Roe v. Wade:

“In a case attempting to reopen Roe v. Wade, Jones wrote an opinion claiming that “the Court’s constitutional decision making leaves our nation in a position of willful blindness to evolving knowledge should trouble any dispassionate observer not only about the abortion decisions, but about a number of other areas in which the Court unhesitatingly steps into the realm of social policy under the guise of constitutional adjudication.” She urged the Supreme Court to “re-evaluate Roe.”

Jones have been known never to turn down free junkets from conservative groups and major corporations like Koch, Exxon and General Electric:

“Jones ranks fourth, according to a 2010 report by the Alliance for Justice, among judges who have accepted free junkets paid for by conservative groups. These kinds of “junkets for judges” are often sponsored by groups funded by corporate donors with business before Jones’ court.”

Is there any reason to be surprised that this crook was offered a seat in the Supreme Court? If Jones had been appointed by former President George W Bush, conservatism would’ve been running way more wild for sure.

JONESKnowing that there are judges like Edith Jones is a frightening thought, especially for us colored folk. How many more Edith Joneses are out there sitting in their chairs with similar racial sentiments regarding black and brown people? How many of them allow their prejudices and power to influence their judgements and decisions that vomit all over the meaning of justice?

Jones will have a lot of explaining to do since she’s now a social pariah. As we’ve seen lately, conservatives are losing their grip on what little sanity they have left. Jones may be punished, but the damage has already been done due to the white racial frame in this nation’s injustice system, and will continue to do more damage if something drastic isn’t done.