Tea Party Lawmakers: A Racist Domestic Terrorist Organization

The U.S. Government is still closed. Already, the public is starting to see its disastrous effects with more to come in the near future if a resolution isn’t reached soon. Yet, some members of the gang (That’s right. I call them a ‘gang’) seem jovial about the whole fiasco.

The Talking Points Memo reports:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) on Wednesday said she wasn’t worried about Republicans caving to pressure to end the government shutdown because “this is about the happiest” she’s seen her conservative colleagues in a long time.

Appearing with colleague Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), Bachmann told Fox News host Sean Hannity that she believes there has been “strong unity” between conservatives on almost every budget vote.

“This is about the happiest I’ve seen members in a long time, because we see we are starting to win this dialogue on a national level,” she said. 

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that there are some within the GOP, which now stands for “Giant Overprivileged Putzes”, feel satisfied that they’re holding a gun to the head of this nation’s government in order to get what they want, just like a terrorist group would do in a “God Bless America” Hollywood film where the theme is always to love this country and hate terrorists from a foreign nation who can’t stand our asses.

Except, this is real life, and the terrorists came from within. Those on the radical right are holding the U.S. Government hostage to prevent its President, a black man whom they despise more than reality itself, from prevailing his job. As you already know, this has ‘race’ written all over it…and under it.

I wrote a blog post about how this shutdown is just another ploy for the GOP to undermine President Obama’s plans for progression. But it’s also another chapter in their eternal hatred for having a black man in office, and their overall disdain for people of color in general:

tea-party-racistThe Tea Party laced GOP and their billionaire backers have made it their mission to destroy the country in a futile effort to turn back time where only rich, straight, white males are running things. They see Barack Obama, the nation’s first black President as their deep fears realized. They fear that black people will gain more power than they have. They fear of karma coming to get them back for slavery should black people gain more power. President Obama sitting in the most powerful office in the world drives them crazy, and they won’t take it anymore, even if it means tanking the country that they vocally adore to get his ass out of office.

But it’s not enough to remove that “socialist, Kenyan, Islamic negro” out of office. (And wishing that happening and making sure it happens is not racist, according to all the race deniers.) It’s about making sure that the power and wealth is one-sided. For a while, it has, and in recent times it has tipped the scale in favor of the top percenters of the U.S. population while the national income for black and latino residents are getting lower and lower.

And they are so determined to take the country back – like it was theirs to begin with – they will literally sacrifice the lives of millions in order to make it happen. They may even send the entire nation into a dark abyss of doom if that’s what it takes to win over a presidency they despise with blind fury.

That is straight up terrorism, folks. And it’s done not out of morals or common sense, but out of the drive to achieve victory in castrating Barack Obama to obtain white political power. Chauncey DeVega at AlterNet explains:

tea-party-obama-hateBirtherism and legislative obstructionism are efforts by the Tea Party GOP and White Right to make Obama politically impotent. The Affordable Care Act is the crown jewel of Obama’s presidency and legacy. It must be opposed at any cost by Republicans, even if the result is a Pyrrhic victory and the shaming of their party…

…Obama’s punishment? A government shutdown, debt ceiling crises, and manufactured scandals that are efforts to symbolically castrate the United States’ first black president.

A reasonable person would place the blame where it lies. But this is America, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s all scapegoat the black people or – in this case – let’s blame President Obama. Better yet, let’s call for his assassination as some people from Twitter have done.

This government shutdown could go on for days or weeks. It could even go on for months if the parties involved are too stubborn to back down. And I don’t see the Tea Party terrorists giving in any time soon, or at least that’s what news sources believe. All we can hope for is a quick and speedy resolution to come from this where those at the bottom will have a chance at living. As of now, their chances have been drastically cut short, and certain members of the gangster right who are determine to come out on top will see that as a case of the breaking eggs to make a high priced omelet.

tea-party-lawmakersHonestly speaking, I don’t fear Al Qaeda or Somali terrorists. I don’t fear Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, or Latin Kings. Hell, I don’t even fear the KKK or Neo-Nazis. I fear a group more powerful than any of them or all of them put together, a group where many of their members are devoid of conscience, direction and humanity, the GOP and their Tea Party compatriots in power.

But, I won’t hide under the bed, and neither should you.