Miriam Carey: Did the Capitol Hill Police Have to Kill Her?

I’m bothered by the centerpiece of news reports on yesterday’s shooting on Capitol Hill being police officers working without pay, due to the government shutdown. I’d like to think that the real story would be the victim, and postpartum depression. That said, maybe if she was armed with an assault rifle there’d be more of a focus on her and her motive. But Miriam Carey is now dead so we;ll never know now, will we?

I’m not going to lie to you, but when the news first broke yesterday I thought the victim was someone who went postal as a result of the government shutdown. You know, like a disgruntled worker who may have been unsure of when the next paycheck cometh. I also thought that maybe the suspect was one of those angry Tea Party types pissed off about Obamacare, hence the attempt to bumrush the White House.

It was only after it was revealed that the suspect was a black woman, that I decided that none of those two aforementioned scenarios made sense. First of all, black folks are pretty much used to living from pay check to paycheck. And, as far as black folks are concerned the government has been shutdown on us for a while — yes, not getting a paycheck is nothing new in this economy. Secondly, there aren’t but two black people in the Tea P:arty, so automatically I knew it wasn’t about trying to run up in the White House and “set it off” because of Obamacare.

Miriam Carey
Miriam Carey

But with the suspect — who according to initial reports shot up the Capitol — being black, in the wake of the recent Navy Yard shooting by another black person. I began to ask myself, “Self, what the fuck is really going on?!” Have my brother and sisters finally snapped? Or, has a “new breed” of killers emerged as once conservative thinker recently alluded in the wake of the carnage left by Aaron Alexis? Could it be really true that the movie Roots (which was released in the late 70s) was the motivation for a new breed of crazed negroes in post-racial America like Jack Cashill, the aforementioned conservative thinker suggested in a recent article?

But as the facts emerged last night, we now know that there was no “black shooter” on Capitol Hill yesterday. There was a black woman shot and killed; but, like many black folks killed by the police she was unarmed (well, that’s if you don’t subscribe to the theory that the car she was driving became a weapon for about one mile and a half). We also know that the suspect — suspected of what exactly? –was 34-year-old Miriam Casey, who was suffering from postpartum depression. According to her mother, Idella Carey, “She had postpartum depression after having the baby,” last August. Her mother also added that her depression was so severe that she had to be hospitalized.

Washington (CNN) — Authorities investigating why a Connecticut woman rammed barricades and led police on a chase near the U.S. Capitol found medications in her apartment to treat schizophrenia and other mental disorders, a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation said Friday.

[…] She apparently did not have a weapon, but did have a 1-year-old child in the car with her. The child emerged from the chaos unharmed, officials said.

[…] Authorities who searched the apartment in Stamford, Connecticut, found one medication to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and another that is an antidepressant, according to the source.

A law enforcement source involved in the investigation said Thursday that the woman’s boyfriend had told police last winter that she appeared to be delusional.

Authorities have not officially linked the incident to mental illness or any other cause.

Miriam Corey's 1-year-old daughter moments after the shooting with police
Miriam Corey’s 1-year-old daughter moments after the shooting with police

[…] Carey’s boyfriend contacted police in December saying he feared for the safety of their child, who was 4 months old at the time, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation. The boyfriend said the woman was acting delusional, claiming the president had placed Stamford under lockdown and that her house was under electronic surveillance, the source said.

He told police that she was suffering from postpartum depression, was having trouble sleeping and was on medication. Carey underwent a mental health evaluation, said the source, who added that the boyfriend has been questioned by federal authorities about Thursday’s events.

The source told CNN that Carey left a letter addressed to the boyfriend at her apartment and that it appeared to contain white powder. The letter was being tested for hazardous substances. (source)

Hell, I’m surprised the media — especially my friends in right-wing media — hasn’t suggested that her daughter was the love-child of Barack Obama,. Hence the reason she drove from Connecticut to Washington D.C. in a rage yesterday. Yep, because like all black men Obama is behind on child support and he doesn’t take care of his kids. But no, instead there’s very little said about Miriam Csarey or what may have set her off, literally.

Watch the video below:

To me, as it was with Aaron Alexis, the issue is mental health; but as always, nobody wants to talk about that. Instead, the big takeaway from yesterday’s event were the heroic cops and Secret Servicemen who were working without pay, because of the government shutdown. Why? Because everybody knows when police kill black folks it’s always justified because quite naturally they exhibit erratic behavior, yes?

Miriam Carey's bullet riddled car
Miriam Carey’s bullet riddled car

You know, like this black person and this black person. With Miriam Carey being a woman of color, her mental health, though an issue, sadly doesn’t really matter. All that matters to is that she was an angry black woman who refused to follow instructions given to her by police officers, so yeah, kill her. After all, for all the cops knew with her being a black woman, she may have been a Somalian terrorist working for al-Shabob, al-Queda, or al-Sharpton. Either way, isn’t it good to know that bullets (and incarceration) are the best medicine for the treatment of the mentally ill.