Don’t Worry About Black Folks Rioting if Obama Loses, Because He Won’t Lose the Election

Before last night’s presidential debate, my friends over at bat-shit crazy central, otherwise known as The Drudge Report, ran a pretty interesting story. I’m not sure of what they were trying to accomplish, but they promoted a story that said that black folks would be rioting once President Obama fails to win reelection. Now that I think about it, maybe their intent was to be sort of like the right-wing nutjob advance warning system.

Given that some of my non-melanin friends tend to scare easily, there’s nothing like a, “Hurry up and get those guns and bullets ‘cuz there’s a race war a’comin’,” type of story from the far right. Which is really funny when you think about the “Obama’s gonna take our guns” hysteria once Obama was elected.

The Drudge Report, Mitt Romney’s favorite website, is stirring up another race-baiting conspiracy theory. Since Friday, Drudge has linked to two articles on conspiracy site warning of “massive riots” of black people attacking white people should Mitt Romney win the election.

Infowars excitedly posted the second article, above, after their first one “was picked up by the Drudge Report over the weekend and has since gone viral.” Drudge linked to the second story on Monday.

[…] The Infowars story from Monday collects 11 tweets — all from accounts with African American avatars — talking about rioting if Obama loses the election. Infowars claims they only included 11 because “there are simply too many to track.”

The original Infowars story cited right-wing blog Twitchy, which compiled more black people talking about rioting on Twitter. As these sites have limited audiences, a Drudge link can explode their traffic and circulates their otherwise fringe theories.

As the election looms closer, right-wing groups and bloggers have amped up their racially-charged attacks on President Obama, such as in a Tea Party ad falsely accusing Obama of giving poor minorities phones. The Drudge Report has led the charge, most recently with an old video,condoned by the Romney campaign, meant to stoke fears that Obama is inciting aggression against white people. (source)

But, judging from Obama’s debate performance last night, my right-wing friends need not fear. With Obama cleaning Romney’s clock like he did in the debate, there’s no need to worry about automatic weapons falling into the hands of all those angry black people who are obviously the way they are because of being the product of single-parent homes. You know, the criminals Romney himself pointed out when asked about gun control at last night’s debate? Yep, I don’t see black folks going crazy, because Obama isn’t going to lose. That is, unless they don’t try to steal the elections.

However, I see a lot of white folks committing suicide once Obama wins. And why? Because his victory would dash all hopes of them finally becoming rich by osmosis by having a very wealthy white man in office. If you ask me, my right-wing friends are better off with the strategy of scaring their employees into voting for Romney by threatening them with possible unemployment should Obama win. Why? Because it’s probably more effective than stoking the fires of racial animus with all this talk of a pending race war. But at the end of the day, I suppose they can’t help it.