Identifying the “Undecided” Voters and Why They’re Undecided

I’ve noticed some people make light of all of the so-called “undecided” voters that always seem to get mentioned on these polls that are going around. “Who are these idiots?” “Do they not know who is running?” “Do they even know who the current president is?” I know I read a couple of others during the debate as well, but that is neither here nor there. What matters here is just WHO these “undecided” voters that people seem to be so concerned with railing the existence of actually are. Yes, these people do exist, and they exist in apparently desirable-as-a-target numbers.

Who are they? They’re people who are registered to vote, but have no real plans to actually get out and exercise that vote. Polls tout the “For Romney” people, the “For Obama” voters and the “undecided” voters. I would hedge a bet that the people who are GOING to vote have known who they were going to vote for, for months if not years. All Santorum jokes aside, I know I did.

What the polls don’t have is an accurate depiction of the people who are of the opinion that, “fuck you, the Electoral College makes votes in my state pretty much useless anyway,” or the “hell, I ain’t fond enough of EITHER of these assholes to vote at all” people.

Trust me, they exist.

They exist, and THEY are the ones who this dog-and-pony show is for. No one who had made up their mind to get behind a candidate is going to change their minds, especially not this late in the game. The people who CAN be swayed, though, are the ones who are so in-the-middle that they do not have an opinion that necessarily needs changing, so much as they have an INdecisiveness that needs to be coaxed one way or the other.

The rest of most political discourse/debate between the candidates AND their backers is more a matter of the act of license to insult people once every couple of years without them getting quite angry enough to catch an assault charge. Some of those with lower self-esteem may need election cycles to get that kind of a thing out every once in a while, no? In the meantime, those “undecided” voters might represent the most valuable votes in what MIGHT have otherwise been a close race before a certain candidate began to display a tragic inability to NOT step on his own dick time after time.