Donald Trump is About “Law And Order” Just Like the Klan

Political opportunist and pathological liar, Donald Trump, has proclaimed himself to be “the law and order candidate.” Speaking on the campaign trial, Trump added that he is also, “the candidate of compassion.”

Can you imagine that? Yes, it’s laughable.This from the guy who encouraged his supporters to assault protesters at his rallies. This from the guy who not only encouraged his supporters to punch protesters in the face. But also while doing so, told them that he would pay their legal fees. There’s no word if he’s actually done that – personally, I suspect he hasn’t. However, Trump being the habitual liar that he is, it would be surprising if he ever denied saying that publicly.

For Trump, this is pure political theater. It’s also an opportunity for him to be the consummate showman while appealing to a certain demographic. That demographic would be, the color-aroused base of support that gave rise to him becoming the presumptive nominee of the Republican party.

To put it another way, Donald Trump has essentially proclaimed himself to be the protector of whiteness in the context of law and order. The implication comes in the wake of yet another mass shooting. This time, however, this shooting was committed in Dallas, Texas. This shooting, in particular, is quite unique. It was the brutal attack of a black man that resulted in the death of five police officers. Given that the attack occurred during a protest against the death of unarmed black men. In the context of whiteness, with the shooter, Micah X. Johnson being black, to Trump’s base, it’s as though the world is coming apart. After all, what would whiteness be without the second amendment and police officers around to secure unearned privilege?

donald-trump-law-and-order_650xIt makes perfect sense that Donald Trump would make such an appeal when his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is sympathetic to the cause of the Negro. Not only that, in the eyes of the average Trump supporter, with Barack Obama as president, whiteness has become almost as extinct as the dodo bird. While ignorant, it explains why polls show that a majority of Trump supporters believe minorities are to blame for their disadvantaged lot in life.

That said, Donald Trump proclaiming to be the law and order candidate a la Richard Nixon makes perfect sense. At this time of perceived racial turmoil, his statement runs parallel to him building a wall or banning Muslims from entering the country. After all, it was a Muslim from Kenya who snuck into the country and managed  to destroy all vestiges and remaining remnants of white privilege left. And, of course, Amerca sure as hell cannot be great if this is allowed to continue. Yes, and it’s the reason why Trump, like Rudy Giuliani, has also said that Black Lives Matter is racist. Yep, because white fragility is real.

The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t racist. People demanding respect, accountability, and equal treatment as the fourteenth amendment affords is not racist. It’s only seen as racist by people who seek to minimize the concerns of people of color with cries of “All Lives Matter !”

Here’s the problem with that. Let’s say people were protesting the rape of black women by police officers. Do you really want to be the person that says, “White women get raped too, so what’s the big deal?” See how silly that sounds? Yes, it’s that stupid; and people like Trump are a big part of the problem. Let’s hope that he doesn’t become president. If so, I can imagine things getting worse. Which, if you’re a bigot, means things are great again once “certain people” are put in their place. You know because you’re not a protected class if you’re not white.