Deanna Jordan: Single Mother of 3 Graduates UCLA With 3 Degrees (VIDEO)

Deanna Jordan, 28, who grew up in Compton, California, has three sons and is a single mother — oh, and Deanna Jordan is also black. With that description, it is hard for some to believe that she was able to pull off the improbable. That would be, to graduate from UCLA with three degrees — one of which is a Masters — with honors, as reported by CBS Los Angeles last Friday night.

Jordan grew up in Compton. After high school, she got pregnant at 18. She had her third son at 22.


“I had him and in the hospital I remember thinking, ‘I’m 22, there’s no future unless I can create one,’” Jordan said.


After two years at West Los Angeles Community College and three-and-a-half years at UCLA, the department scholar is graduating with two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s in African-American Studies.

Oh, and that’s not the only thing Deanna Jordan has done:

Jordan also founded the Compton Pipeline Taskforce—she and UCLA volunteers work on academics at Compton schools, including Carver Elementary, where she attended.


“I saw the difference in how my boys were in school in Brentwood and then how schools were in Compton where I came from,” she said.


Jordan credits family support and UCLA for making her dreams a reality.


“You can’t really succeed unless you fail, and I failed a lot of times, but it was my persistence and my willingness never to give up,” she said.

So here’s the question for my color-aroused readers: How in the world was Deanna Jordan able to pull this off? How in the world was this woman who is genetically predisposed to baby-making and failure, while sucking the government teat dry, pull off such an amazing feat? How is it possible that Deanna Jordan — a Compton, California native, and the first in her family to go to college — somehow had the intestinal fortitude and such “lily white” ideals like, having an education and legacy, avoid the pitfall of poverty as so many who look like her are genetically predestined?

Before you answer, do understand that in spite of what your conditioned mind says, there are many single black mothers who are doing just as well. But, don’t tell that to many right-wing talking heads and the people who digest and regurgitate their words. No, don’t tell them about Deanna Jordan and the many single black mothers who are making a difference.