Republicans & Glenn Beck: Killer of Children & Police

Why was I born in this country? Why couldn’t I be born in Canada? Or Great Britain? I ask myself these questions on an almost daily basis these days. This country hasn’t been great in a very long time. And we are undoubtedly slipping and sliding into total destruction. There is no doubt about it. None at all.

People from other countries, violent third world countries, have come here, to the United States in the past and have asked for asylum. Can I do that now? Can I go to Canada and beg them to let me become a citizen of their great country since my country has become a nation of extreme violence where at any time I can be killed by a right wing scum nut with a gun? Can I? I wanna know!

It happens every day now. Police officers are shot dead in cold blood while they get their lunch. They are shot dead by two lowlife scumbag Tea Party members. They are members of the Republican party as the Tea Party has not separated yet. Has not been told to separate by the “mainstream” Republicans. So therefore they are one and the same. These two individuals were at Bundy Ranch, they hated Obama and anyone on “food stamps.” Sounds very “mainstream” Republican to me.

Brandon & Amanda Miller
Brandon & Amanda Miller

They killed two police officers because they thought they were fighting the new “revolution.” They draped an officer’s body in “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. That’s a slogan we hear all of the time from right wingers, who believe that freedom is being poor with guns. So they can fight the awful police and government agencies who want to take their freedoms away. You can see how sick this is. How mentally fucked up these people are, they are psychotics who are running loose in our streets. Murdering our police officers and threatening to do the same to our politicians. Something else we can blame the most awful President of our times, Ronald Reagan for, letting the crazies out of the mental institutions and those crazies were allowed to procreate and now we deal with their evil spawn.


 We deal with them on our television sets. Glenn Beck should be arrested. He should be arrested now. In 2010 Beck, one of those crazies I spoke about, told his followers to “Shoot them in the head” regarding the “communists” who want a revolution. Now with the majority of Beck’s audience being psychopathic, that statement is bad enough. But they interpret “communists” in many ways. The police department is communist to them since it is a government run agency that they feel will try to take their guns and freedoms away. It is an agency they must fight. As Beck said, “Shoot them in the head…they might shoot you first.”

Beck is directly, not indirectly responsible for the deaths of those officers. What he said is not covered under freedom of speech as it was a direct order to incite violence and that’s exactly what happened. Beck must be arrested and indicted on conspiracy to commit murder. It must happen now. If not we are saying it is alright to kill police officers, or any other government worker, because they are “communists.” It will happen again if we don’t take action. Arrest Glenn Beck. Arrest him now!


Of course we also have to deal with these crazies in our schools. One school shooting after another. It has become so commonplace that it’s just a blip on our Twitter or Facebook feeds. The friends of the kids that are killed tweet their R.I.P’s daily. As though they are tweeting “Happy Graduation” or “Happy Birthday.” It is just expected now. Cry for a few minutes then move on. It’s sick and twisted and the NRA loving Republicans and gun nuts just shrug it off. Their solution is to arm all teachers and children with guns. Yes children. The gun nuts post pictures of their three and four year old kids holding guns. I seem them all the time.Those children should be taken away from them.

We are a sick, cancer ridden nation. Republicans want more guns, more anger, more hate. They want to replace their ultra right wing candidates with ultra ultra right wing candidates. Then replace them with ultra ultra ultra right wing candidates. They want to leave our soldiers behind, then call them and their families horrible names when the black President they hate so much brings them home.

They want a revolution that involves not paying taxes, killing cops and having our children afraid to go to school. As a friend pointed out, the police should notice that it is not the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters that kill them, it’s the right wing scum.

We are living in a crazy house that is called the United States of America.

I need to get out of here. So do you.