#Charlottesville: Welcome To The Terrordome



It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, it was a nice warm summer evening in Charlottesville, VA. Clear skies and a cool summer breeze. The darkness was gradually chased away by the flicker of torches, the silence broken by chants of “Blood and Soil”.  Several unfortunate souls were accosted on their way home from church and subjected to racial vitriol the likes of which this new millennial generation has only begun to see.

No tanks were mobilized, no  SWAT teams were called. There was no tear gas or any other irritant  to “disperse the crowds.” No the angry mob was allowed to march to a confederate statue trekking their hatred along with them and casting their poison out to any unfortunate individuals they encountered along the way.  Before the night was done there would be skirmishes between this mob of losers and some of the local residents who were perhaps unaware of what they walked into.

This tranquil scene was preceded by the President of the United States threatening a foreign country with military action on Twitter.

Waking up and wondering, hell if some race war or riot breaks out where will you go and what will you do? This is added to the regular worries of walking while black, driving while black, etc.

No this is not a setting or backdrop from mad max. It is not a sneak preview from that Confederate movie that HBO has in development.

It is today and is happening right before our very eyes.

All Lives Votes Matter

To the millions who decried the election of another Clinton, insider and whined about the status quo being kept by electing Hillary, to those who still to this day cling to a Bengazi situation that has been investigated NUMEROUS times without providing anything to prosecute or charge: to the politically naive who do not understand yet, that to govern effectively you must do so starting from center and negotiate and work with multiple issues and groups not only the ones you select. To the all or nothing group that voted based on an all or nothing mindset, you may take your place in history along side the Republican party for creating an environment that threatens to tear this country apart.

You can take comfort in knowing your vote or lack thereof  was key in this country’s descent into madness.

Hillary is not even in public office has been subjected to multiple investigations all of which turned up No Credible evidence of anything other than mental mistakes and yet there still are crowds screaming “Lock her Up.”

The Republican party will go down in history, not as the party of Lincoln, but as the party that facilitated the election of the worst President this country has ever known. They will also go down in history as the party that as Nero, fiddled, while Rome aka USA burned.


Black Coons Lives Matter

Let us not forget those within the black community who went out of there way  to bend over for this farcical attempt at governing. Steve Harvey, Ben Carson, Omarosa, those dumb chicks glitter and sparkles,  the ones who split a $1,200 consulting fee(ya’ll know who they are), there will be reserved seats for you all on judgement day. The belief that you can work with the devil, sell your own people down the river and NOT suffer any consequences is faulty. The minor skirmishes here and there are not even the beginning – the universe will make sure that what each of these has sewn, will be reaped….tenfold.


All of this sounds like whimsical farce, stated for dramatic effect – but it isn’t

This and worse has happened since that ill-fated day back in January.

The real question is how long does it go on  and how does it end?

Welcome to the Terrordome !