Can Antoinette Tuff Get a Monument or Something?

So, does Antoinette Tuff — the brave woman who talked the gunman down and stopped him from committing yet another school shooting massacre in but this time in Atlanta — have to be animated like Charles Ramsey or Sweet Brown to be widely celebrated, as a hero, in mainstream media? Am I the only one “feeling some type of way,” about this? Don’t get me wrong, her recent act of heroism has received some attention by some media outlets. I’m surprised that her name, face, and story isn’t plastered in the media and all over social media much like the aforementioned internet celebrities.

I don’t want to make this out to be a racial issue because every life is important irregardless of race. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to be, and I hate to think that the fact that Antoinette Tuff is a bit melanin-challenged has any bearing on what I see as the lack of media converge related to her heroism. But hey, a black woman as a hero for saving lives in a predominantly black school named after a black astronaut in Atlanta? In post-racial America? Man, please! Antoinette Tuff deserves more than a key to the city or to at least have her bad credit wiped off at no charge.

Listen to her full 911 call below:

antoinette-tuff- georgia-school-gunmanOf course I don’t expect a hamburger to be named after her; nor do I expect an opportunist maker of barbecue sauce to offer her money in exchange for her being a spokesperson for their product.

It’s just that for as long as we mourned the loss of lives at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut earlier this year. One would think that perhaps there’d be a ceremony at the White House where she’s given an award; and maybe of course a deal with the IRS that exempts her from federal taxes for the rest of her life. Yes, some small gesture or token of appreciation for saving the potential lives of who knows how many a mentally unstable gunman with 900 rounds of ammo and an AK-47 can impact. You know, some small gesture that goes well beyond a phone call from President Barack Obama as she has since received would be nice. Yes Antoinette Tuff was amazing; and yes, she is a hero and deserves to be treated like one. Like many nameless black women in history, she should be celebrated, and used as an example courage under fire as . Because from all accounts, she has had to endure a lot to be who she is. And like many faceless and nameless people of color in history, she deserves her shine.

There were 19 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School This week there’s no telling how many lives of children were saved by Antoinette Tuff. As bad as there’s a need for new gun control legislation, let’s hope that this story doesn’t fall by the wayside. Because if there’s anything to be learned from Antoinette Tuff, is that it doesn’t take a “good guy” with guns to stop a “bad guy” with guns, even if some believe that it does. I don’t know whether Antoinette Tuff agrees with that, but we need a monument to be reminded of it.

Check out her interview:

Unfortunately, her actions