Don’t Blame Black America for the Murdered Australian Student

It’s sad that you already know what kind of comments you’ll expect from certain people if you write an article like this. Here we go for the 1,239,346th time with the usual responses: “This is typical liberal/leftist bullshit.” “Stop with the race-baiting.” “Statistics show that blacks commit the most crime in this country.” “Black people worship the gangster-criminal lifestyle.” “The reason why so many blacks are in prison is because they commit the most crimes.” “Blacks commit more hate crimes against whites than the other way around.” “Why won’t blacks fix the crime problem in their communities and stop blaming white people?”

It’s very exhausting and depressing hearing and reading these and other scripted comments by lifeless drones. But it’s a straight knife in the heart when the news reports of violent crimes and the suspect or suspects are black.

Recently in Oklahoma, an Australian baseball player and student, Chris Lane, was murdered while jogging. The suspects are a trio of young wannabe thugs. Two of the suspects are teenage black males. The third is appears to be a young white male. Reports have indicated that one of the black males pulled the trigger while the white male was the driver. What’s more troubling is that the reason behind the killing was – according to various articles – was that the teens said that they were “bored”.

The black teens are charged with first degree murder while the white teen got the lesser charges of driving the vehicle and being an accessory after the fact. However, Crooks and Liars’ reported that the driver admitted that he was the trigger man.

All three will be tried as adults.

Even if this was a cruel and senseless act, there seems to be more concern from the right that this was an interracial crime and that our universal black leaders, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are silent about it compared to the murder of Trayvon Martin.

And so, the right wing  engages in what they accuse us of – race-baiting – and cry havoc because the “superior white race” is being killed off.

Conservatives go bonkers when black people attack white people. Any such report is a rallying cry for all White Americans  to stay clear of blacks – black males in particular – because those two junior criminals targeted an innocent white person because they were bored and apparently hate white people. The criminal black man stereotype runs violent in the minds of White Americans. As such, conservatives strongly believe that the only racism that exists is not within the confines of the criminal justice system, media representations by white male-owned corporation, housing discrimination or in education that affects millions of black people daily. The “real racism” comes from black people hating, beating and killing less than a hundred white people each year for no apparent reason.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe there are external conditions that lead to black crime, but they concentrate more on appearing tough on crime. Like conservatives, they too are afraid of young black males. And they conclude locking them up and throwing away the key is the best solution, especially in a heinous crime such as this.

oklahoma-australian-baseball-player-shootingNo one, especially the news media, is paying as much attention to the young white male. In fact the first reports claimed that all three of the teenagers are black, an error they later corrected without apology. Then, the reports focused on the two black teens almost exclusively. Now, we are told that a white teen was involved. Yet, he seems to be portrayed as “more innocent” than his friends.

So, once again, the black community has become the face of gun violence around the world. Some will argue that it’s America that has that image, but racism is not limited in certain areas. The faces of these three killers are plastered all over the global news media, especially in Australia. Those two thugs, whether we or they like it or not, are now representatives of how fucked up the black community is to outsiders.

I’m not surprised that there are people cursing out the black race for this, as they always do, while saying nothing of the third white suspect. Speaking of white suspects, Georgia is the setting of a white male going off the deep end – with an AK-47, among other things. Like with so many other school shootings, this man, Michael Brandon Hill, was prepared to go out violently and take as many people as he could with him. Luckily, a school clerk Antoinette Tuff, was able to bravely talk the man out of what could’ve been another massacre.

As expected reports are coming in describing that Hill was mentally depressed and suicidal. It helps to garner sympathy from the public over a man who could’ve destroyed numerous lives. But hey, he’s white. He’s basically a good man. He just needs help. All white terrorists needed help.

White people need help while black people need to be locked up or killed.

No one believes that the teenagers who killed Lane – two of them at least – need help. Even fewer people see them as children. They see them as everything wrong with the black community, a place that has no positives in the minds of white folks who rely on their age-old racism to miseducate them on the world.

No one is excusing what those kids have done. They deserve to be punished. They need to be taught the value of human life. But to turn this into a “black problem” is morally and sensibly irresponsible.

Blaming incidents like this on black culture shows a lack of respect. It shows you have a racist image of the black collective, and that you have no investments on actively making improvements seeing as how to some people, the black community’s got all kinds of problems due to none other than black culture. If you want to improve the problems in black neighborhoods which are suffering, get off your ass, and do something besides preaching from your suburbs.

Most of all, it shows that you can not or will not see blacks as individuals the same way you argue that whites should be seen as such. It’s blatant racial hypocrisy. If you see white criminals as individuals, no matter how many of them appear, what reason could you possibly have of not seeing black criminals the same way?

Don’t blame the whole community of millions for the murder of Chris Lane just like I’m positive you don’t want us to associate your precious white race on Michael Hill. Believe it or not, some of us are sorry about what happened and are praying for his family and friends. That’s a shock, isn’t it?

And for those of you who consider Lane’s murder as equivalent as Trayvon’s, don’t. There are many reasons why that’s a lame conclusion, but one of the most obvious is that unlike Trayvon’s death, no one has excused the murder of whites by saying that white people kill each other all the time, nor has anyone told white people to concentrate more on white-on-white crime than this murder. Some people are not that callous enough to tell you how to feel in a time of mourning the same way some people did with Trayvon’s murder.

By the way, if you want to know the truths about black-on-black crime. Click here.