Umm, “Until Abortion Ends,” I’m Giving Up Hope for anti-Abortion Movements

I’m not certain how this trend flew completely under my radar, but in case you missed it too, there is a trend by the sparkly young anti-choicers called “Until Abortion Ends”. The main website of the Until Abortion Ends Movement seems to be hosted by the Catholic church and all other things religious and right-wing, and is encouraging young folks to get involved. The aforementioned website has mainly young anti-choicers “sacrificing” something that they just can’t live without until abortion everywhere ends. And by ‘until abortion ends’, my mental translation hears ‘access to safe, legal abortions’ but I don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouth, right?

The site is absolutely incredible in the sickest of ways. Indeed, there are youtube videos of folks from all over (grown men included), giving up things that they just love because abortion is just that bad. Fortunately enough, right under ‘abortion’ on the list of things that anti-choicers are passionate about are things like: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, soda, diet-soda, goldfish crackers, cheese-burgers, carbs, french-fries, red-meat, trans fats, ice-cream, and other things that are certain to kill you. And yes, there are plenty of youtube videos. Observe:

I know that you’re probably anticipating all of the Until Abortion Ends “protesters” to be Southern and religious, but the fact is, they’re mainly young and just plain uninformed because they are being fed misinformation (mainly, that giving up M&Ms will end abortion everywhere). The problem is that the supporters of this movement don’t understand that access to safe, legal, and readily available reproductive health care is necessary in our society, and that the elimination of such resources will not stop abortions. In fact, if women are placed in such a position where they, themselves, must find ways to terminate their pregnancies in unsafe manners – they will. It has happened, it will continue to happen, and legal restrictions do not prevent these things from happening. In fact, 19-20 million unsafe abortions are performed world-wide every year. In addition, an estimated 70,000 women die worldwide from unsafe abortions because there is no access to legal and safe abortion practices. Millions more women are injured, some permanently.

For the record, the anti-choicers are throwing as some online have referred to as extended New Year’s resolutions until abortion ends with no regard to true logic. On a fundamental level, the Until Abortion Ends “movement” seems to be a tantrum to end access to resources, but the problem is that the anti-choicers aren’t the ones who need to be protesting. To be frank, the hoops that women have to jump through to receive access to reproductive health resources are ridiculous. Many states don’t offer access to abortion providers in the majority of counties; they also do not provide counseling or other resources for women who want to terminate their pregnancies. Even so, contraception is difficult enough to attain and it is no coincidence that anti-choicers often spend time with the same folks who are down with abstinence-only curricula.
Those pesky anti-choicers (who obviously do not find women intelligent enough to choose what happens to their bodies) are not losing, so why are they pledging their snack-foods away until access to safe and legal abortion ends?