South Carolina Brings Out the Best in Republican Racism

I didn’t watch the South Carolina GOP debate last night, but I heard a lot about it today. What I didn’t hear today is if anyo9ne called and checked on Juan Williams to be sure he made it home unscathed and okay. From what I heard, even as moderator and well respected journalist, he was treated as if he just came in from the cotton field. Oh well, it’s South Carolina, so this type of racism is to be expected. Like I said recently, funny how this vitriol surfaces in the first state to secede from the union because of slavery.

Even funnier, is how Newt Gingrich calls president Obama the “food stamp president,” but somehow is unable to produce a convincing argument why said president’s jobs bill proposal should not be passed. But hey, racial politics requires very little thinking on the part of the unfortunate dogs with perched ears as a result of the whistles. Hell, just look at all the Black folks who continue to support Ron Paul as new racist articles from his newsletter surfaces. I used to think that Mississippi was the bowels of racism in America; however, the GOP has showed me that South Carolina is where it’s at. Yep, you gotta love it.

If this is all they got, things look good for president Obama’s re-election especially since polling shows that moderates are backing away from the GOP. So yeah, keep up the great work you racist bastards, you guys are playing yourselves out of the game as you do. I’ll hold my breath while I wait for one of these yahoos an actual solution for the  economy other than getting Obama out of office.