Tim Kaine is a Good Pick – Get Over it, Assholes

Some are disappointed that Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine as VP.

We have to get to a point where we realize that there’ll never be another campaign cycle like 2008. The excitement of that campaign cannot – nor will it ever – be replicated. Like, never! Obama’s 2008 campaign was like that first orgasm. It’ll never be the same. Never ever ever ever ever!

So, apparently, Hillary Clinton was supposed to pick someone wrapped in Bernie’s foreskin instead of Tim Kaine to make some of my progressive friends happy. Yep and she picked a boring white man, and not a person of color to be Vice President. And for this, again, some of my lefty friends are upset.

Hillary Clinton introduces Tim Kaine in Miami, Florida
Hillary Clinton introduces Tim Kaine in Miami, Florida

Well damn! Was she supposed to pick Flavor Flav as her hype man? Or, should she have picked Dr. Cornel West so he wouldn’t have to bitch again about not getting inauguration tickets? Come on, people! It’s a general election and not a primary. Which means, it’s not about exciting the base. Instead, at this point, it’s about being able to appeal to a broader electorate. And, of course, above all it’s about governing; and, being able to get stuff done, morons. 

So please, can y’all stop crying!

Picking Tim Kaine Was Good Strategy

Besides, as attractive as some of her more popular options were. The truth is, picking any one of them would have come with a cost. Because, everyone on her short list with the exception of Tom Vilsack and Tim Kaine, represented districts in states run by a Republican governor. Which means, had she picked anyone other than Tim Kaine, their seat would be filled by a Republican of their governor’s choosing. Trust me, this would be bad. After all, we’re trying to win back the Senate, dammit. We’re not trying to cede any ground to the Republicans. Last time some of you decided not to vote in the 2010 midterms, things didn’t turn out so well for anyone on our side.

I could go on and on about Tim Kaine’s work as a civil rights attorney for seventeen years, but I won’t. Additionally, I could mention how his perfect command of Spanish plays well with Latino voters. Mind you, Latino voters are registering to vote in record numbers this year. Why? Donald Trump. Trump’s racist rhetoric ensures that Hispanics wi be first in line to vote for Clinton. I could use a lot of keystrokes to make the case, but I won’t.

Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine Are A Stark Contrast 

This past week we saw the moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party on full display at the RNC. We saw a week capped off with a screaming manbaby accepting their party’s nomination. And, said screaming manbaby painted a picture of America that rivals an entire Mad Max movie. Of course, I don’t know where you may live. However, I’m pretty sure that wherever that might be it really isn’t as fucked up as Donald Trump says. Which isn’t surprising since everything Trump says never seems to pass the truth test.

Having said that, if the Tim Kaine pick doesn’t excite you, then, you’re probably as much as a manbaby like Donald Trump. 

Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President in the form of Tim Kaine is a sure sign of leadership. At the very least, Clinton’s pick shows that she’s all about carrying the country in the right direction.

Listen to Tim Kaine speak below: