Here’s How to Sell Bernie Sanders to Black People

Let me be clear and not mince words: The notion that I, as a black man, should vote for Bernie Sanders because he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. is bullshit. It’s not only that; in fact, it’s insulting to my intelligence. What it says to me is that I’m not “sophisticated” enough and, unlike white liberals who can feel my pain just by standing next to me, I’m incapable of understanding public policy. You know, because having an abundance of melanin does that sort of thing to a person. I know you mean well; but, let me put you up on game.

You know who else marched with Martin Luther King Jr? George Romney. So, by that idiotic logic, I suppose we negroes were supposed to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. You know, because we owe him for what his father did, right?

Listen, you don’t get props for doing what’s right. You don’t get props for doing what you’re supposed to do. So, if you’re a white liberal and you’re trying to sell me (or any other black person) on supporting Bernie Sanders, at least, act like you care enough to articulate his position(s) on racial and criminal justice. Of course, we black folks are more than just a bunch of poor people going to jail every day for breathing. But, pushing a racial justice reform argument is much better than, “Well, Bernie marched with Martin Luther King Jr. because he knows that Black Lives Matter!” Nuh-uh. Sorry, playa. That ain’t working.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, a lot of us black folks ain’t feeling Dr. Cornel West. Having the guy who threw major shade at President Barack Obama as your official Negro Whisperer doesn’t help either – no, we haven’t forgotten.

*** Local Caption *** Bernie SandersIf you’re going to sell or pander to me on behalf of Bernie Sanders, at least, have the decency and wherewithal to not make me feel like you just copped a feel while we’re on our first date. Trust me, that’s exactly what that shit feels like.

Act like my vote is that important to you, that you took the time to to appeal to my best interest – at least, one of the many. Because, well, you actually care.

That whole, “Well, he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and has the bite marks from racist German Shepherds to prove it,” shit, ain’t nothing but a turn-off; because we black people are a lot smarter than that. Yes, and in all honesty, you look just as silly as Republicans who say, “Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican so you black people should vote for us.” I hope none of this is offensive to the sensibilities of my fellow liberals who plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. Like I said, I’m a helper. And judging by the numbers, Bernie Sanders needs to make inroads with the black electorate if he plans to win. To do so, Bernie Sanders definitely has to do better than an inspirational campaign ad without a single black person in it like he did recently.