Thoughts on President Obama’s 2014 State Of The Union Address

I’m not gonna lie. I want him to show some emotion. I want him to show that he understands. I want him to get mad.
I would be absolutely hysterical if he would just turn around and knock that silly ass smirk off John Boehner’s face. Just once…
It all sounded good after all it was an Obama speech. But it doesn’t pass the smell test when you get closer.
For instance raising the minimum wage. It wasn’t for the entire country. It was for FUTURE federal contract workers. Not even the ones working now. And that is what ticks me off about President Obama.
He always has a “but”, “maybe” or “next year” built into his “change” and the only reason for it, is to try and placate Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats.
Screw em..
obama-sotu-2014 (1)It should be apparent by now that Obama’s very existence in the White House is the only reason for the obstruction and behavior of the GOP and their lapdogs the Tea Party. Obama has spent the past five years putting in place or signing into law Republican programs and policies. The only Democrat stamp on any of this is from Blue Dog Democrats selling out their constituency.
Obamacare is Romneycare created by the Heritage Foundation. NSA spying/Drone warfare is the Patriot Act in action. Supporting for profit charter schools is privatizing education and killing the public schools. Keeping troops around the world is a Dick Cheney wet dream. Allowing rich cats to become richer cats is as Republican as you can get. Those dudes continue to laugh all the way to Wall Street.
Obama has saved the economy. He is paying down the debt. He has secured health care for most Americans. Companies are returning to our shores to work, which means that jobs are coming back. He saved the auto industry. The country is becoming energy independent thanks to a number of moves by the current administration.
Yet because of who he is and how he looks, The President is being stymied with many people refusing to see or to give credit where credit is due.
History will deify Obama after the fact. But right now, no matter what he does, it doesn’t seem to work.
Amidst all this success, We the people are still broke, tired and jobless. Somebody’s priorities seem misplaced.
I mean where was ENDA in all this? Never mentioned it at all. Almost made you wonder why Jason Collins was invited to the speech. Even the gutted Voting Rights Act got short shrift.
The President was still saying “please,” seeking bipartisan governance while the people have shown they ain’t got time for that.
And the GOP? It’s a miracle they can mount any challenge at all.

There were no less than four rebuttals to Obama’s SOTU. Two by white women mouthing the same silliness that old white men expect us to take as gospel. One of them spoke English, the other spoke Spanish in order to capture Latinos.

Teabagger Mike Lee spoke to other Dumb asses, and Rand Paul talked to other Hobbits while leaving out dwarves, elves, wizards, orcs and men.
Congress is only scheduled to work 113 days this year.
Expect a miracle because that’s the only way change is gonna happen.
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