#SOTU: The Adult President vs. Infantile Republicans

There was the President of the United States, talking with humor, passion, and even yes respect. Respect towards the other side of the aisle, the same people who have mocked, and blocked him every step of the way for the past five years. The speech was full of ideas, and hope. Hope and change once again. It was a positive forward thinking speech that most pundits and Americans liked very much.

That is probably a good thing. It should help his approval numbers. It should help get the center and center left on his side as there was nothing “offensive” about the speech. It was the kind of speech that “independents” and “moderates” would like because they really couldn’t disagree with anything that was said.

It didn’t look good when the Republicans stood silent after the President talked about issues such as extending unemployment benefits, or raising the minimum wage, or the ACA. Obama’s team did a good job in bringing in real people who have benefited and would benefit from these policies.

And yet. There I was, seemingly alone with maybe just the great David Corn of “Mother Jones” at my side. I felt, and Corn reiterated these feelings on MSNBC, that Obama should have been more fiery and confrontational towards the party of “NO.”

I know what you are thinking. Obama isn’t that kind of President, that kind of person, and you are right. But after being stonewalled by the R’s and having a low approval rating because of it, I think it’s very important for him to draw the line in the sand and to SHOW the American people the differences between him, and the R’s. The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress. They aren’t all under one umbrella. Especially with November looming ahead.

My fear is that nothing will get done and Americans will blame everyone equally, just as they have in the past. A “get rid of the bums” spells tragedy for the Democrats trying to hold onto the Senate. If the R’s win the Senate, and hold the House, Obama might as well retire two years early.

But hey, I don’t wanna be a Debbie downer. The consensus is that Obama did a great job. So let’s see what happens.

boehner-sotu-2014 (1)The other story is what happened after the SOTU. In a way it makes my point about Obama wasting time trying to work with R’s. In an interview with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas was in full wing nut mode. Either that or he was drunk, maybe both. After saying the President was against the military because he brought our troops home he went into the usual wing nut default mode of “Benghazi, Benghazi.”

What was particularly ironic is that crazy Tim, accused Maddow of being a “cheerleader” for Obama and he said that she would be “jumping and screaming” if Benghazi happened under Bush. He of course failed to mention the eight U.S. Embassy bombings under Bush and how silent his party was after those atrocities.

To be honest, Huelskamp is an easy interview. He is so nutty and deranged that he makes himself look bad no matter who is doing the interview. He could probably benefit from the mental health care that is provided under Obamacare. The real point is, how can Obama possibly think a guy like this will work with him on anything?

Then there is Rep. Michael Grimm of Staten Island. I know that borough of NYC because I grew up there. I knew govones  like Grimm personally. There are a lot of them on Staten Island. Grimm was being interviewed by Michael Scotto of NY1 news when he cut the interview short because Scotto asked him a question he didn’t like. After Scotto was finished, Grimm is seen coming towards him like a real tough guy wanna be, and we hear him telling Scotto that he will throw Scotto off the fucking balcony if he does that to him again and that he would break him in half like a boy.

There is no doubt that if a Democrat did this the R’s would be calling for their resignation the next day. How this loser became a Congressman shows the intelligence of the average voter on Staten Island in that district.  He is the prime example of a thug who listened to talk radio and Rush Limbaugh, had some money and got himself a cushy job in Congress.

Does Obama hope he can work with a guy like this over the next year?

So to recap. The President was Presidential. He was the adult in the room once again. He showed poise, hope and vision.

Republicans were running around yelling psychotic things and threatening reporters lives.

Will Americans recognize and appreciate the difference come November?

[Originally posted at America The NOT So Beautiful]