South Carolina GOP Gets Caught Being Unethical: Typical Deceitful, Cheating, & Unapologetic

Some people are of the opinion that two wrongs don’t make a right and when the Republican party suffer’s such damage such as this recent indictment of South Carolina representative Ken Ard only a few hours after he resigned this past Friday, folks like me should take the high road and shut the fuck up about it.

But why do that when it’s much more productive to point out how South Carolina Republican’s display a perfect example of why what motivates some to become politicians. Serving the people is part of the job or so you think, but you, the public, are not those people, the only people the Republican political party cares about is themselves, individually.

Get it?

How funny is it that this guy ran his election campaign under the guise of “”common sense and fiscal discipline” and pretended to hold those elusive ‘family values’ we always here about while pimping the political system for all the cash he could get much like the Republican’s and religious institutions that back them are known for doing?

I mean, you can’t make this shit up!

If I did, some of these political scandal stories would have a slight twist of circumstances, you know, to keep you guessing. These guys are so typical I wonder how these ‘scandals’ go unnoticed. Could it be that because the entire system is made of people who exploit the system while the public’s ignorance and refusal to question those in charge of our system leave us to be slaughtered like lamb? Its seems to only be a matter of time before skeletons fall, I think people are making a game out of exposing the hypocritical behavior of the people behind the persona that we elect.

Either way…

Why let the opportunity pass to show the outlandish lack of culpability these people display when they’re on their way to their very first deep cavity search. Even after being indicted, this guy is still relying on double talk and ‘somebody did it, not me’ lawyer approved speak.

“During my campaign, it was my responsibility to make sure things were done correctly. I did not do that,” Ard, 48, said in a statement. “There are no excuses nor is there need to share blame. It is my fault that the events of the past year have taken place.”

Ard’s was the latest in a series of scandals that have rocked high-profile lawmakers in the South Carolina GOP.

He joins good company on the long line of other questionable state employees like, Thomas Ravenel, the state treasurer who was forced to resign in 2007 after a cocaine possession indictment. Not to be undone in 2009 by the shenanigans of then Gov. Mark Sanford who you’ll remember confessed to an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman after randomly disappearing from his everyday life to go on a booty call on the other side of the world.

This lead to a nationwide man hunt while his wife worried about his whereabouts and his office responsibilities dangled in the air.

So here’s to the great state of South Carolina, something about their dark politics and their lack of integrity tells me this won’t be the last we hear of scandal coming from the Republican South Carolina offices. The use of such offensive election tactics are only a smoke screen, and we all know where there’s smoke, there’s money being burned by rich politicians as they cop Playstations and vacations for their families.