Al Sharpton Speaks at Immigration Law & Voter ID Protest Rally in Montgomery, Alabama [VIDEO]

My man Rev. Al Sharpton made my day today. I’ve said what I’ve had to say about the immigration debate, and these new Voter ID laws on this site; and please believe I have more to say. But for now, just listen to what the good reverend had to say on the steps of the Alabama state capitol in Montgomery.

I’ve had many a people tell me that obtaining an ID to vote should be no big deal. Hell, I’ve been told that identification is required to board a plane, so it shouldn’t be a big deal having to produce one to cast a ballot. Well, last time I checked, unlike flying in an airplane, voting is a right and not a privilege; yes, there’s a big difference.

Besides, I don’t recall terrorists ever taking innocent and unsuspecting voters hostage at voting precincts. Sorry, there is no terrorist voter watch list. But just in case you’re worried about a terrorist standing in the voting booth beside you, do listen to my main man, Rev. Al Sharpton: