Since Obama Descended from Slaves, Has “Post-Racial” Officially Ended?

I noticed something funny this past week.

Every time, for the past few years now, someone has referred to President Obama as being “black,” the casual passive-aggressive racist would quickly discount that and remind us that he is actually mixed-race, because his mother was white.

Well, if you missed it on this very blog , last week, concluded their research into the man’s blood history and determined that he was directly related to – the 11x great-grandson of the documented first slave who fathered some kids who were born free by virtue of his having impregnated a free white woman.

Well, apparently on up through the years, the INITIAL mixing of the race was the only, because the family was properly raised and outwardly appeared white on up to and including Barack Obama’s white mother.

And that is why I chuckled this morning in my shower…

Back in the good old days before we were post-racial, there was this little thing called the “one drop rule,” in which one drop of black blood in your ancestry made yourself a black person. The sudden applicability of this rule and the waves of silence from the previously vocal “he’s a mixed-race” camps are what caused my laughter. Aaron McGruder and Morgan Freeman are on record as having said his white family and lack of roots in the slave trade disqualify him as a “real” African-American. Both of them were very wrong in their assessments, even if that slave DID happen to set into motion the bloodline that begat the white half of the President’s family.

The fact that we had our first mixed-race President made the passive-aggressive racists a slight bit more comfortable in relenting to “Post Racial” America, as they could very easily attribute any good that came of the presidency to the white side of his family. Well, remembering the “one drop rule,” the white side of his family DOES NOT EXIST.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that the last leg that those who would otherwise be right out front with theirs is now gone, and the President of the United States will – by simple definition of the one drop rule – be all black and now falls under every ill-intentioned word they might have applied to him if they hadn’t thought his mother was white.

I thought of what this would mean as it related to Allen West and his obsession with slavery. Perhaps it is indicative that Allen West was right and that Obama does want to make everyone slaves, since he descended from one after all?