Glenn Beck: Conservatives are “Second Class Citizens,” and Black Pastor Agrees

Pastor C.L. Bryant, a Black Republican, refers to himself as a “runaway slave,” in the following interview with Glenn Beck. Bryant was essentially promoting the latest Coonrasric epic propagandist film production, Runaway Slaves which is currently in theaters (more on that foolishness in a future post). Beck also says in the interview, that Conservatives are “second class citizens,” in America. Beck’s claim is one that should make anyone with common sense laugh hysterically. Seriously, the vast majority of right-wing Conservatives are white and well off financially; in no way do they represent second class citizenry in America. But yet, let people like Beck and Bryant tell it, people like me take comfort in victim-hood, and are being played like ignorant fools by Democrats.

Now what’s really funny, is that Bryant agrees and believes what Beck said to be true.. Which is silly if you ask me; but then I’m not a Conservative, so go figure. I mean, how can a black man call himself a “runaway slave,” with a better position in life socially, economically and otherwise having escaped the carefully constructed entrapment that is the Democratic party, and still be a second class citizen? .Oh that’s right, we black Democrats are stupid, foolishly dependent on their masters, and afraid to escape. And why? Because Democrats were opposed to the Emancipation of slaves.

Check out the Runaway Slave trailer featuring Pastor C.L. Bryant:

The following video is rich with Republican idiocy in speaking on the intersection of race and politics. Upon listening to the exchange, it becomes perfectly clear that there are two Americas. One where white Democrats are slave masters comfortable in knowing that their African-American slaves (wow, there’s a oxymorn for you) are content to live on plantations which by design, are built to promote governmental dependency. An America where people like me who work hard in an attempt to live the American dream (just like everyone who happens to be white and Republican) sit in our four bedroom 3500 sq. feet homes — given to us by Uncle Sam — waiting on those Welfare checks and food stamps, so as to trade them for cash to buy drugs. Hey, we can’t all be Republicans or job creators.

And then there’s the other America which contains very few persons of color, who unlike myself, happens to be doing very well though oppressed by Democrats right along with their wealthy non-melanin afflicted partisan brothers and sisters. A whole new world just waiting for me should I decide to register as a Republican, and vote for GOP and Tea party candidates for the rest of my life. A world where upon doing so, I will no longer be burdened with the troubles that are associated with the make-believe world of institutionalized racism and such, because I will then and only then become a true “one-persenter”. Only then will I be able to enjoy the freedom the Constitution truly intended, all the while being a second class citizen like Glenn Beck, C.L. Bryant, and the righteous but wrongfully oppressed Americans willing to water the tree of liberty with the blood of rich folks.

Not bad for a group of people opposed to class warfare.