Scott Brown’s Racist Native American Debate Challenge Was Kinda-Sorta Racist

The opening of the debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren? Awkwardly racist. Scott Brown tried to use a reverse, reverse racism card and it didn’t work out too well. He accused her of lying about being Native American and getting ahead because of it. Shit, he all but said, “Elizabeth Warren isn’t Native American. Look at her! Doesn’t she looks like the type to give an ‘Injun’ baby whiskey and a diseased blanket?” Yeah, it was that awkward; and definitely not the way to start a debate. Honestly, this wasn’t a good look; Brown looked more like the typical right-wing, Conservative, Republican bigot.

BOSTON (Reuters) – Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown slammed Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren‘s claim she is part Cherokee as they squared off in a televised debate on Thursday in one of the country’s most closely watched U.S. Senateraces.

Brown called on Warren, a high-profile liberal supporter of President Barack Obama, to release her personnel records fromHarvard University to prove she did not gain any unfair advantage as an ethnic minority when the college hired her in the 1990s.

Warren is trying to regain a seat – which Brown won by an upset in 2010 in a special election following the death of Democratic liberal stalwart Edward Kennedy – that would help the Democrats retain their slim majority in the U.S. Senate.

Accusations that Warren may have received special breaks because she claimed Cherokee ancestry first surfaced in April, dogging the Harvard Law School professor and former Obama administration official and giving Brown a way to challenge her integrity.

“As you know … Professor Warren has claimed she is a Native American, a person of color. As you can see, she is not,” Brown said in their first of four TV debates before the November 6 election.

Brown characterized Warren as being disingenuous about her heritage.

Scott Brown: "You know you can prove you're a Native American by dancing until it rains, right?:

“I didn’t get an advantage because of my background,” Warren replied. “I can’t change who I am. I am who I am.”

Warren said she was told as a child that her mother had Native American roots. “When I was growing up, these are the stories I knew about my heritage,” Warren said. “I never asked anybody for any documentation. I don’t know any kid who did.”

Inside the studios of WBZ-TV in Boston, Brown kept pressing the issue, saying all she needed to do was to release her personnel records to show what box she checked for describing her heritage. (source)

For a guy who did his best at trying to distance himself from Mitt Romney and Senate Republicans, I don’t think he did himself any favors. But I guess when you don’t have the wind of Tea Party outrage and populism at your back — you know, like Brown did in 2010 when he won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. I guess being short on substance forces one to retreat to the tried and true tactic that is race and entitlement. No word on whether Brown would ever question South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s claim to Native American heritage. I suppose Haley being a Republican, naturally makes her an authentic Native American. Warren on the other hand? Quite naturally she’s a cheater and freeloader; she’s a Democrat. But from the looks of it, Brown is desperate and losing.

I’m shocked he didn’t call her a Kenyan.