Chicago Bishop Hangs Granddaughter on Cross to Protest Teachers Strike

Man, y’all black people play too damn much. OK, so I know y’all love Jesus a lot; yes, black folk go to church eight days a week and three times on Sunday. So yeah, there’s no question about that; and no, I’m not gonna put y’all on front street about the “white man’s religion” thing. Nope, not when there are crazy black dudes in Times Square calling Moses their daddy and scaring goodness out of white people. But seriously, y’all take religion too far. Take Bishop Larry Trotter for example.

Apparently the good reverend got tired of kids being dropped off at his church this past week because teachers were on strike. Trotter is old, so like most elderly folk, there’s only so much you can take when it comes to screaming kids and whatnot. So what did he do? He decided to send a message to the parties involved in this week’s Chicago teachers strike, by hosting a press conference while his granddaughter was strung up on a cross like Jesus of Southside. Yes y’all, the man put his own grandchild on the cross ad called the news people to have a press conference.

This from WLS-TV Chicago:

A group of South Side ministers says the Chicago teachers strike is “crucifying our children.” Chicago Bishop Larry Trotter used his own granddaughter in a mock crucifixion Tuesday.

“My grandbaby’s on this cross to symbolize the 400,000 children who now for the seventh day are being crucified of their education and their safety,” Bishop Trotter, Sweet Holy Spirit Church’s pastor.

Some men held the girl up — she was not dangling from the cross.

Trotter says that, just like the biblical crucifixion of Jesus Christ, three nails are being driven into the lives of Chicago’s children: one by the teachers union, one by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the other by the board of education.

Trotter’s church is one of the safe havens being used by children during the strike. He says volunteers there are becoming weary, parents are angry and children are losing hope.

Now this one here is disturbing on so many levels, y’all. I don’t car how much my daddy might love the Lord, but if that was my kid? Clawwwwd’hamercy! Seriously, me and pops would be fighting over some shit like that. Hell, that’s about as bad as making my kids pick cotton in Black History Month just so they and their lil’ white classmates can “see” what it was like the day before Dr. King gave the Dream Speech and Negroes got them some freedom. You know, back when we were civilized?

Yeah, back when society was more civilized than today:

OK, religion aside, what bothers me the most is that Bishop Trotter clearly stated that he didn’t know the particulars of the negotiations between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Board of Education, 0r the City of Chicago. My thing is, if you don’t know anything, shut your damn mouth. But see, that’s the problem when people spend more time on their knees and in church than they do attending meetings at City Hall. This is what ensues when you mix religion and politics.

You get misguided symbolic gestures like the above .

From all accounts, things are pretty nad in Chicago. There’s been a spike in violence in recent years that has left everyone except Bill O’Reilly puzzled. O’Reilly as I pointed out recently, attributed much of the black-on-black violence to the fact that white folks aren’t buying drugs anymore. So be that as it may, it’s understandable why Bishop Trotter would be concerned about idle children on the streets of Chicago. Even so, the biggest problem with Trotter’s Calvary re-enactment, is that the strike had a lot to do with securing an improved learning environment for students. You know, the very kids who have to suffer while sitting in overcrowded classrooms without working Air Conditioning systems?

Yeah, those very children who are failing because of systematic structural deficiencies. Uh huh, those “crucified” children. Shit, if Bishop Potter was really concerned, he’d host a press conference with his granddaughter sitting in an electric chair. I say that because at the end of the day, more money is being spent on (or made) incarcerating people of color than spent on education — yeah, just ask rapper, Chief Keef what he thinks. After all, he’s a product of Chicago public schools.