SC Tea Party Chairwoman “Jokes” About Killing the Obamas

You know, I’m kinda sorta a funny guy; I mean, I know when a jke is funny or not. I’m also a professional racism-chaser, so I know racism. More to the point of this story, I know when jokes are racist. What can I cay; I’ve lived in Indiana and Kentucky once upon a time. Haxing said that, ain’t a damn thing funny about this:

The Chair of the Sumter South Carolina Tea Party posted — and then quickly pulled — a post on her Facebook page earlier this month that joked about throwing the Obamas out of a helicopter.

Shery Lanford Smith posted the the joke on herFacebook page on August 11th. The page is now private.

In the joke, the Obamas are on a helicopter talking about how they could make people happy if they threw money out the window. The pilot says: “I could throw both of them out of the window and make 256 million people very happy!” Smith added: “If you’re one of 256 million, PASS IT ON.”

Smith reportedly pulled the joke after the Sumter Item contacted her about it. (source)

Checkout the screenshot:

Now you might say that there’s no harm no foul with this one, and yu might very well not see this as racist. Well, you’re entitled to that opinion. However, the formula is simple: Tea Party +  South Carolina = Racist Dumb Electorate.

Sherry Landford Smith

But you know what Barack Obama should do? Right now while on vacation, he should get Michelle pregnant. Yes, and hopefully it’s boym and they name him Shaka Zulu Obama. Yeah, nothing would be funnier to me than to see terrified racists become even more fearful of a Black man prompting mass suicides.

Supposedly for Sumpter Tea Party Chair, Sherry Landford Smith, “It was just a joke.” Well Sherry, I don’t doubt that it was for you. After all, I’ve seen pictures from days gone bye of white folks smiling and laughing at the scene of many a lynching of Black men. So yeah, it was just a joke; but fuck around if you want to and see what’s gonna happen here in America.

Surely nobody wants that, right?