Glenn Beck Mocks Rep. Maxine Waters & Unemployed African Americans

Rep. Maxine Waters has suely been making the rounds in the media for the last week. Most recently, at yet another town hall, she has provided yet another soundbite with the statement: “The Tea Party can go to hell!” Now much has been said about this throughout the Black blogosphere; and you better believe that “certain people” on the right aren’t happy. And that being the case, who better than Glenn Beck is there to defend the Tea Party from the likes of Maxine Waters.

This vis Mediate:

On his program this morning, Beck parsed through the recent town hall comments by Rep. Maxine Waters, laughing at her for what he interpreted as ignoring the crowd in front of her, as well as ignoring the fact that “the President is intentionally dismantling the lower and middle class.”

Rep. Waters has been making headlines as she tours the country with the Congressional Black Caucus this month, as she has faced lively audiences demanding help (the unemployment rate in the black community is astronomically high, and most town halls have been attended by many professionals who are out of work). Her responses so far? That while she “loves” the President, “we’re getting tired” of the inaction– and in a subsequent discussion, “the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

OK, so allow me to invoke my inner Van Jones; yes, allow me to “flip the script,” much like any good Black person progressive would. So tell me this; which one is it Glenn? Is it that president Obama has a “deep rooted hatred” of white people? Or is it that he is “intentionally dismantling” the lower and middle class, hence the dismal unemployment rate seen in the Black community?

I just want to be sure because I sincerely plan to support president Obama in 2012. Be that as it may, I’d like to know every piece of legislation that he has signed that is intended to dismantle the lower and middle class. I dunno; maybe I missed it. I mean, Obama has done so many good things since in office by signing his name to legislation which is intended to have a positive impact on the so-called lower and middle class. I seriously would need proof of what Glenn says is the truth. Hell, look at how much Beck cares for the Black community!

Surely he’d know, right?