Rudy Giuliani is a Truly Despicable Individual

There he was once again on the only network that will air the vicious bile that comes out of his skull and crossbones like face. Rudy Giuliani on Fox News, continuing to squeeze out every last drop of the blood that he so benefited from on September 11, 2001. This truly vile man who oozes hate and viciousness from every pore of his body. There he was doing what he and his fellow extreme right wing, war loving, feckless Republicans do best..criticize President Obama.

This time Giuliani was trying to perpetuate the idea that Putin is a great leader and Obama is weak. That Putin as Giuliani put it, “Acts quickly and decisively” while Obama “Thinks about things and has meetings.” You see to Giuliani this is a weakness because he is the great dictator. The great dictator that took away the life saving devices that would have saved firemen from perishing on 9/11. The great dictator who fired Bill Bratton and allowed the NYPD to run hog wild on black citizens, beating them and even shooting them 30 times for the huge offense of trying to open the door to their apartment. The great dictator who turned Yankee Stadium into a police state so he could feel comfortable in his box behind home plate.

rudy-giuliani-hurricane-sandy-obama-worse-than-katrina (1)This is the man who was trying to tell people (by people I mean morons) that Putin is the “go to” guy for decisiveness not Obama. That it was OK for them to love Putin, but only when it comes to comparing him to Obama, of course. To Giuliani, a man I hate with every fiber of my being, a man who was absolutely responsible for some of the deaths on 9/11, it is a superior character trait to just react and do what you want as a leader without thought or consulting the true experts that you have surrounded yourself with. This is what this son of a bitch was trying to peddle on Fox News.

We know this is bullshit in so many ways. When Obama DOES indeed act on his own with one of the few Executive Orders he has signed, Republicans are quick to actually call him a dictator. When Obama is thoughtful and careful before acting, they call him weak. As usual it’s a Catch 22 with this crowd of hypocrites. My guess is that Giuliani would have been criticizing J.F.K. for not acting quickly and heading us into a possible nuclear war with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Think about how that might have worked out if Giuliani or McCain were the President. I probably wouldn’t be writing this because none of us would be here!

This doesn’t stop Giuliani from doing what he does best, drum up the hatred for a President that is 100 times the man he is. Both in moral character and intelligence. One can only dream about the lives that would have been saved if Obama were mayor of New York City during and before 9/11. Obama would have met with city officials, fire experts, and would have decided to not cut budgets and take away vital instruments like high tech communication devices that would have made the jobs of those brave firemen easier on 9/11. This is why so many firemen have come out and spoken about what Giuliani did to them before that tragic day.

Instead of acting like the great dictator Obama would have considered the dangers with such actions and really, who knows what kind of a difference it may have made. But to Giuliani this is all just a weakness. A REAL leader makes these decisions on his own because there is nothing more macho and ego gratifying than telling all the so called experts to fuck off, I AM THE MAN IN CHARGE.

In Giuliani’s limited and warped universe this is the way to lead, not just a city but a nation.

So on 9/11 it was fire fighters who paid the ultimate price but if Giuliani were President we would all have to pay.