Rick Perry Is A Puppet for Gun Manufacturers

“Capitalism is pimps and hoes”

– Ras Kass, “Anything Goes

Rick Perry never ceases to entertain me. But before I yap about him, let me get the scenario going.

Many people can say and do some of the most questionable things for the sake of money and support. Or, you can say that they will say strange things DUE to that said money and support. Some will mention things they should not believe. Others will bring up issues that sound shockingly foolish and off-center. At the end of the day, the power of the dollar will make any fool holler.

And what that fool hollers will have the possibility of arousing shrugs, eye rolls, and subtle anger.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Texas Gov. Rick Perry

The fool that hollered goes by the name of Rick Perry. Representing the great state of Texas as governor, Rick Perry advised states and the federal government not to try to close loopholes that allow guns to be purchased without background checks because gun companies did not appreciate that “attitude” [1]. This was said during a panel discussion that dealt with gun lawsConnecticut governor Dan Malloy noted that his state started their own background checks due to the Sandy Hook shootings. Still, Rick Perry found a way to disagree with the idea of having background checks for all.

This is one of the things he said: “The Second Amendment pretty much is a good amendment. And we support it in the state of Texas. The restrictions you’ve seen states like Connecticut — and when you think about the Northeast, that was the Silicon Valley, if you will, of gun manufacturing and you’re seeing those manufacturers leave the Northeast because the taxation, the regulation. And just the attitude towards manufacturers of weapons.” [2]

All I can say is this: Wow.

Understanding How Rick Perry Operates

Okay, that is a falsehood. I’m going to say way more than that. Let us just be honest for a moment: Rick Perry is a whore for gun manufacturers. In fact, he is vying to be their bottom bitch. Let me break this down for you all:

Rick Perry is the same man that received campaign support from the NRA. He probably got more NRA money than Charlton Heston. [3]

Rick Perry is the same man that applauded a Texas school system that allowed staff members to bring guns to school. [4]

Rick Perry is the same man that would have rather pushed for prayer instead of stronger gun laws. [5]

Realistic Expectation of Rick Perry

So, what could be expected in such a situation? There was no other way for his commentary to go. He did not get into anything worth talking about. Rick Perry mentions a bad attitude toward gun manufacturers. Therefore, Rick Perry made it clear where his loyalties lie.

And this, my good readers, is the problem with political support. Politicians are, in too many instances, whores that can be bought and sold. If you can be easily swayed by those that show the most money, you can easily become someone’s hooker. Plenty of situations over the course of American history will show this (just look it up). In short, political support can be bought.

What makes this an even bigger issue is the fact that politicians will always have the possibility at being bought out. This will never bode well for the common man/woman. If there are issues that go against big corporations or groups with deep pockets, then best believe the money will do the talking and the walking. Many of us want to think that politics is about the people. Yet, politics is easily a game of monetary thrones.

Rick Perry and the True Issue of Political Support

This is just another example of how politics is run. There are only two true ways to combat this: we either pool our financial resources or only vote for politicians that are about the people. The latter will seem to be nearly impossible. The former may not be realistic if we don’t get it together. I understand not wanting to play in this dirty game. In the end, the game won’t change and the game doesn’t wait.

Capitalism will always reign supreme when your politicians are well dressed prostitutes. And Rick Perry, for a prostitute, sure does know how to wear a suit and tie.

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