Republicans Defend Bundy While Democrats Slam Sterling

Move over Cliven Bundy, there is a new racist in town! Just like Bundy, the Republicans love the new racist, Donald Sterling, but for different reasons. There seems to be some evidence that Sterling has given some money to Democratic candidates. Of course this doesn’t mean that he is a Democrat, as there is also evidence that he is a registered Republican, which doesn’t prove that he is a Republican either. Look, it doesn’t matter. Republicans have proclaimed Sterling a Democrat. So that’s that. These are the same people who are convinced there is no global warming, that Harry Reid has covert deals with China over Nevada land, and that Benghazi was a greater tragedy than 9/11. Oh and I forgot..the sky is purple.

I tell ya what…I will say that Sterling is a Democrat, lets’ go with that. Republicans are absolutely thrilled that a Democrat is a racist. Because in their fucked up world, this makes everything equal. Bundy is now out of the news and Sterling, the racist Dem, is in! But there is just one little problem with their equivocation argument. No Democrat, black, white, brown or any shade in between, is coming to Sterling’s defense. Not only are they slamming him, but most want him to lose his team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

How many Republicans are demanding that Bundy lose his ranch because he owes 1.1 mil in taxes and is a racist? All I hear are crickets…crickets…crickets. Where many Republicans are very loud is in their SUPPORT for Bundy. Here are the top three excuses for Bundy’s obvious racism…

1. Bundy is simply not racist because because he has a black friend.

2. Bundy’s comments were taken out of context and he really just said a bunch of nice things about blacks.

3. What Bundy said was true, so he can’t be a racist.

There ya have it. Now let’s look at the Democrats reaction to the Sterling racism. So Bundy has one black dude who is an idiot backing him and therefore he can’t be a racist. Sterling has HUNDREDS of black people working for him. So why aren’t Democrats saying that he can’t be a racist? Why? Because he obviously IS!!!! Since Democrats live in the real world, not a neo-con fantasy version of the world, they readily admit that Sterling is racist, regardless of the money he pays out to black people.

sterling (1)No Democrat is saying that Sterling’s comments were taken out of context because if you can hear and read, any intelligent person can tell they were not. Not one Democrat is saying that what Sterling said was true and therefore he can’t be a racist. Democrat after Democrat has been loud and clear about how they are disgusted at Sterling, who if we are to believe Republicans, is one of us.

Democrats aren’t attempting to equivocate Sterling’s racist remarks with those of Cliven Bundy. They aren’t trying to ignore Sterling’s racism and change the focus back to Bundy. They are doing what fair minded, sane people do. They are calling a racist a racist. Period.

So you see it really doesn’t matter what political party Sterling belongs to. The real difference between Democrats and Republicans is that too many Republicans embrace and defend racism while Democrats are revolted by it and want to destroy it.