Hey, O’Reilly: Beyonce Isn’t Making Girls Get Pregnant

It seems that Bill O’Reilly is working hard to become a comedian. Sometimes, you feel that he is just saying things to be funny. Other times, he takes himself so seriously that he even forgets to laugh at his own jokes. Still, you have to give it to him for his effort. Bill O’Reilly, by using the veil of seriousness, has been giving the United States the best right wing, conservative comedy money does not have to buy.

I think Bill wants some of that bootylicious.

oreilly-beyonce (1)In recent history, Bill O’Reilly had a stand-up routine about Beyonce’s agenda to pushteenage pregnancy. Here is an excerpt of what Bill O’Reilly actually feels:

Bill re-upped his outrage on Friday while talking about Bey’s TIME cover, saying — “she knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African-American community now is about 70% out of wedlock. She knows and doesn’t seem to care.” [1]

To add to the punch line, Bill took things even further. He even noted that she was not deserving of the TIME cover because she does not encourage abstinence [2]. In short, Bill O’Reilly has a problem with the inner messages of Beyonce’s music.

You have to hand it to Bill O’Reilly: he does take the time actually make his brand of slap stick comedy accessible to the world. Too bad he is missing that counterpart to balance his foolishness (*cough* Cam’Ron *cough*). I mean, somebody has to treat Bill like the political stooge that he is.

The Bill O’Reilly-Beyoncé Issue

Here are a few things that are off about his issues with Beyoncé:

Legally, she can whisper "Hail Hydra" in her boo's ear. Legally, she can whisper “Hail Hydra” in her boo’s ear.

1.)    Beyoncé is married: It is extremely hard to promote ideals that you, yourself, are not openly apart of unless you mention them in a guided fashion. Nowhere on Beyoncé’s new album is there a reference to premarital sex. In fact, Beyoncé has been married for quite some time now. So, Beyoncé can be as raunchy and subtly sexual as she wants to be. Here is the newsflash: she is a married woman. So, she has that right to do what she does.

2.)    The “marriage in wedlock” issue: I think I covered this with the Melissa Ortiz female that wanted to go on a simple minded rant about Black people. Personally, I think she was mad at her own dysfunctional-loon ass family. At any rate, I explained the entire marriage-out-of-wedlock issue plainly:

Another problematic stat she spoke up on is the “75 percent bastard baby rate”. Yeah, that rate is misleading in its own right. The problem is that the birth rate for married AND unmarried Black women is dropping [3]. It just so happen that those said children are “bastard babies”.

Now let us move on.

3.)    Teen pregnancy is on the decline: Can you believe it, people? Teen pregnancy is on the decline in all communities as a whole [4]. That isn’t the only major development that Bill O’Reilly got wrong. He also did not note that teen pregnancy in the African American community has dropped 51 percent between 1999 to 2009 [5]. So, Bill is caught in a mental time warp where Puff Daddy may have been wearing shiny suits and Tommy Hilfigermade his clothes accessible to the African American community.

The Skinny on the Bill O’Reilly-Beyonce Madness

It is hard to take Bill O’Reilly seriously anymore. Too many times he is either misinformed or just plain lying. So, all I can take him as is a comedian. Too bad many conservatives see him as some sort of political/social pundit. Then they would realize that Bill O’Reilly takes more pie to the face than Martin Clare.