Reince Priebus Hearts Chris Christie

On January 7th, Reince Priebus was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer talking about how “scandals surround Hillary Clinton.” He said that the Republican party would benefit if she ran for President because “Benghazi, health care in the early 90′ name it” are scandals that would hurt her chances.

Look, there is little doubt about it, Priebus is a dick. That the Republicans would have him as the head of their party proves that they are a party in total disarray. A party of dip shits run by dip shits. If Priebus really thinks the American people are going to vote based on what happened in Benghazi, which come 2016 will be over four years in the past, then he is an ever bigger moron than I suspected. Only Tea party radicals blame Clinton for that anyway, Democrats and Independents blame the terrorists.

According to Priebus, Hillary’s attempt to reform the health care system when she was first lady qualifies as a scandal. How does his fucked up brain work? It was a scandal that she tried to bring health care to the millions that didn’t have it? Trying to improve the quality of life for Americans is scandalous according to Priebus. I guess this makes sense because Republicans think the ACA is a scandal as well.

What makes all of this much much worse is that on Sunday, Priebus went on “Meet the Press” and said that Chris Christie is a true leader and that the “Bridgegate” scandal won’t hurt him if he decides to run for President. “Americans are very forgiving people” Priebus said, and that “We all make mistakes, the question is, what do we do when mistakes happen?”

So let me get this straight Reince. The American people will forgive Christie for creating traffic problems on purpose leading to the death of a 91 year old woman, and preventing children from getting to school but will not forgive Hillary for not preventing a terrorist attack that she had nothing to do with? To compare the two things one would have to imply that Hillary planned and orchestrated the attack. Is that what Priebus is saying?

Governor Christie Makes Announcement Regarding Sen. Lautenberg's Senate SeatI actually don’t think that is what Priebus is saying, I just think he’s a dumb no good piece of shit. That’s all. “The question is, what do we do when mistakes happen?” Well Reince, people like Hillary and Obama immediately jump into action, try to find out exactly what happened and try to make sure it never happens again. What a guy like Christie does is go in front of the cameras for two hours and talks about how hurt his ego is and blames everyone else, saying he knew nothing. This isn’t leadership it’s cowardliness.

But according to Priebus this is leadership, and Christie would make a great President. That Americans would embrace Christie and forgive him for a juvenile vendetta that caused a tragedy, for hiring petty losers who laughed at children but would never forgive Hillary for a terrorist attack that was nothing compared to the attack that happened on 9/11 under Bush. And they would never, ever forgive her for trying to ensure 50 million Americans could see a doctor. Never!

“You name it..” Priebus said in regards to all of the scandals surrounding Clinton. Of course he couldn’t name any other phony, Darryl Issa created scandals. It was just blabber.

Just like everything else that comes out of his dumber than shit mouth.