That Saddening Moment When Martin Luther King’s Image is Disrespected

Martin Luther King, Jr. has always been revered for the work that he has done and the influence he has left on others. Having a holiday in memoriam is just the tip of the iceberg. His name is synonymous with world peace and progress. While he fought hard for civil rights, his ultimate goal was for ALL humans to live progressively harmonious. Thus, MLK should be remembered for the legacy that he left behind; a legacy of change for the better.

Yet, that “change for the better” has led many of us to abuse the image of a man that would not condone such foolishness.

Martin Luther King

Over the last few years, I have seen Martin Luther King, Jr’s image become a bastardized caricature on different party fliers.

Yes, you know what I am referring to. I am referring to the party fliers that have been seen across Facebookadvertising whatever event that is going to take place. And I am afraid to note that this hasn’t been a onetime occurrence. This has happened numerous times for the past few years. And to think, there are people out there that actually feels that this is something appropriate or functionally acceptable.

People may think that I am overreacting; let me assure you that I am not. People actually don’t see how this can turn into something much worse.

One of the main problems that I have with these flyers is that they adulterate everything that Martin Luther King stood for. MLK stood for us, as a people, to actually progress in this world. He actually stood for human beings to achieve beyond their prescribed “lowest common denominator” statuses that society worked hard to equip them with. He stood for the initial appreciation of our ancestral struggles to actually mean something. In short, he stood for progression.

So let me ask this: how in HELL am I to see the progression of Black people, and society as a whole, on a flyer giving people the “right to twerk”?

This takes me back to that Boondocks episode “Return of the King”. When I watched it those years ago, I found it to be hilarious because of its over-the-top commentary on popular culture and the reality of his response. There were some older people that didn’t like the parody and how it was presented. However, I found it to be appropriate because, to be honest, MLK would probably react to many of us in that form or fashion (sans the cursing). Let us keep it real: MLK should be turning in his grave at some of the foolishness that we allow and participate in.

No, this is not what MLK “took all those ass whoopings for”. Then again, I have seen this man’s name abused for the sake of advertising a loofa. Joke or not, the product is way inappropriate. If he was alive, he probably would move toCanada.

martin-luther-king-43rd-anniversary-assassinationTo all my lost Black people: please do better. To all the Black people that have common sense: please stop allowing our friends, cousins, and backwoods retards for neighbors to construct abhorrent images of a man that would probably curse us out under his breath for allowing such contempt upon his image. Parody is one thing. Constructing images that go against someone’s core values to advertise your party or strip club is another issue altogether.

In laymens terms: if you don’t like cows in your pasture, then stop allowing this bullshit.


[Originally posted at Chocolate Covered Lies]