Obama 2012: Four More Years – The Easy Way

A large part of paying attention to things people think one might not much give a damn about is the ability to tune things out when they become an annoyance. With that in mind, I am quite okay with how this election cycle is playing itself out thus far.

-Newton Gingrich deciding to go in on DeNiro for a joke that “America is not ready for a white first lady”? Cool

-Romney trying like hell to avoid the social conservative points and being taken to task for it within his own party? yep

-Santorum declaring that he will make porn illegal? nice

-Ron Paul being old and ignored by the GOP base? that too!

Frankly, a very miniscule amount – practically none, as applied – of what they’re ACTUALLY talking about particularly matters to me personally, so I can tune it out like I do my neighbors’ company while they wait outside to buy weed. Wake me up when we’re talking in intelligent tones about the economy, unemployment and gas prices. Those things that I have less control over but am forced to bend to anyway? Yea, those.

Wait, why AREN’T they spending more time on those things, don’t they know that having a plan in place to do something positive for the American public in those arenas could pretty much guarantee a victory in the election?

What we’re seeing here is pretty much a repeat of the 2008 election, with the exception being that the talkative clowns for the right will be the presidential candidate himself, and not Sarah Palin. While she talked about what she would define family as for us all, mispronounced “nuclear,” reminded us to ‘vote for a maverick like John McCain,’ pretty much turned the election into a VH1 reality show and the rest of the right clamored on about a birth certificates, suggested that ‘Muslim’ and ‘American’ are mutually exclusive terms, grabbed at straws to create character issues that apparently didn’t exist (or matter); Obama stayed on his message(s) and it seems that we’re seeing the same thing now.

At the end of the day, the GOP can KEEP talking about contraception, abortions, gay marriage, and pr0ns out of one side of their mouths all while ironically suggesting that the government should stay out of our damned business out of the other. All this does is strengthen the chants of “four more years” from the other side.

Sometimes it is harder to tell if they’re serious or if they’re trying to LET him win.