Koch Brothers Ilegally Sold Oil Equipment To Iran

I swear the older I get the more scared I become. I’d really hate to think all those conspiracy theory people and their plumes of Koch Brothers legends contained more truth than fiction.

Either way, this little piece of enlightenment is straight from The King of New York, Mr. Bloomberg, which makes this even more interesting.

In a story titled “The Secret Sin of Koch Industries”, several reporters scattered across the world worked together to analyze and cross reference details of the Evil Billionaire Koch Brothers.

The Bloomberg Market Magazine article highlights several issues of what could be construed as improper business dealings between Koch Industries and Iran during a trade embargo as recently as 2007.  Not only did Bloomberg Magazine report on the Koch’s recent under the table shenanigans; they also put the long red tape of scandal in context with the addition of documents obtained from overseas litigation.

Here are a few highlights:

While is not 100% certain at this point that Koch Industries did in fact violate US law, according to Bloomberg Markets Magazine, internal memos show for example that the details of the sales with Iran were meticulously checked by US lawyers of Koch Industries and coordinated with the lawyers in order to fully ensure that no visible involvement of US-citizens took place

Koch Industries paid bribes in six countries from 2002 to 2008 to win business in Africa, India and the Middle East, comparable to similar behaviour of German technology giant Siemens (Siemens subsequently had to pay a $ 1.6 billion fine!)

The story also covers in great detail over several pages earlier violations of Koch Industries: The company in the past “rigged prices with competitors, lied to regulators and repeatedly run afoul of environmental regulations, resulting in five criminal convictions since 1999 in the U.S. and Canada.”

Still Deliver the Order Mayne, & I ain't Talking 'Bout Chicken & Gravy, Mayne!

Well, it seems like those old farts got some ‘splaining to do, but how much you wanna bet that unless #OccupyWallStreet decides to #OccupyKochIndustries we won’t see a dam thing happen.

Sure, there may be an ‘investigation’ and a ‘hearing’ which is all good theater, but as I write this, there are you out there that honestly believe that these two are ‘too big to fail‘ and while palm greasing has had it’s hay day, the expression on a rich man face in handcuffs is way more satisfying…at least to me.